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Wadwafs Scribbles
Vict...Malkan had been seen alive eating breakfast with an Andrizalean.
Malkan was a member of an army unit, on precinct duty in the The Crap Castles.
Malkan had ties to Skinny Flynn in moneytown.
Malkan may have been an Azzywog.
Malkan likely was involved in illegal pit fighting.

New fighter named Catalyst easily defeated favourite Egidio
Confused Half Orc in arena.

Half Orc seen murdering Father Crishop

Crazy Loco - possible name of Half Orc

Greenspears in K-Town


Well liked, street fighter

Malkan was ripped to shreds.

Animal attacks notice. Hope Park, Druids have failed warning
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Loco Mambo sees into your soul
"Hey, Har... what's that there smoke coming from the window?"

A young man looks over to the building and sees an odd green smoke rising from the window and doors. "What in the..." He walks over to the building and pushes aside some dirty rags that appeared to be hastily hung over the door, coughing with disgust at the assortment of bones and eyeballs dangling from them.

Pushing on further into the smokey, poorly-lit structure he sees an odd character sitting behind a table with a pot of strange green glowling liquid - the source of the smoke. "What - who the heck are-"

The young man is immediately cut off by a voice from behind the mysterious character's skull-like mask. "Tut tut tut! Loco Mambo tell you de answers to de questions you not yet even tink of!"

The man is clearly insulted by the interruption but as soon as he tries to argue the masked figure speaks again. "You are here to have de questions answered an' Loco Mambo here to answer dem!"

"But what are you-" The man tries again to get a word in and continues to fail.

"Loco Mambo sees into de soul..." says the mystery creature, swirling it's half-orc hand above the pot to create creepy voodoo images in the magical smoke.

The man watches in awe as the smoke swirls around to reveal easily recognisable images in the air. "Is that... a chicklet wearing a tutu?"


"It looks a lot like a baby chicke-"

"IT'S A SCARY DEMONIC DRAGON OF DE END OF YOUR LIFE!" The half-orc becomes serenely calm just as quickly as he had become annoyed. "Mr. Free tinks you not doing dis right."

The man looks around the small room expecting to see another person but nobody else is around. "This is silly, I want you to-"

The half-orc makes near-comical gestures with his arms in the air and interrupts the man again, "LOCO MAMBO SEES DE NAME OF YOUR SOUL IN DE SMOKE! De name of your soul be... 'Hargreave!'" The pale green hand reaches out to the man with it's palm up. "Dat be two gold for de reading."

The man stomps his foot, clearly having had enough of the strange character before him. "You gook! Get out of here before I call the guard!" He picks up a sword from a nearby shelf, raises it and aggressively swings it toward Loco Mambo. The half-orc startles and jumps up, knocking the table and pot over as he flees out the door, Hargreave close behind him but stopping just outside the building. "And don't come back, you hear!"

The young man's friend approaches him. "What was that thing doin' in there, Har?" he asks, watching Loco Mambo run off down the street with knees comically high, shouting something about a 'Sergeant Pebbles' and 'that mean man'.

"I dunno, but he made a mess of the place. We were only outside for a few minutes, how the devil he do this so quickly?" he says, staring into the building with a sigh. "Come help me clean up, would ya?"

Both men enter the green-smokey shop, the sign above the door shaking roughly as it closes. The sign reads 'Hargreave's Supplies' in large, easy-to-understand lettering (easy even for the crazy half-orc).

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Every Dog Has Its Day
Opening his eyes and groaning, the halfling was greeted and quickly awoken by the rabid licking of his canine friend. "Oi. Toby, that's enough mate, I'll be fine, just help me up would you." The large dog barked and hurried to get down on the ground as so Demrill could grab a hold and hold onto the dog while they walk. "Ya breath stinks of garbage... Why is it always garbage, and why you eatin without me?" Toby let out a low whimper like he had been scolded. This entire exchange was normal to Demrill, but anyone else around would have seen a boy barking to his dog.

The duo made their way through the city alleys and back ways, heading out towards home, the Docks. "Why me, and why today! I earned almost 3 silvers worth today, THREE silvers worth Toby! That would have been enough to feed us for a few days easily! Bloody prick who jumped the palings took a good chunk of copper from me pockets... Pie eating prick goblins, the lot of them!" Toby replied with a happy bark and licked Demrill's face. "You what? How the hells did you manage to get bread made this mornin? You bite someone it? I told you to play nice..." Another big bark erupted from Toby as well as a few excited pants. Demrill laughed and pulled himself closer to Toby, wrapping both arms around the dogs neck and rubbing his face into his fur. "You did good mate, looking after your family. Can always count on you to save the day, can't I mate?" Toby licked and nuzzled at Demrill, both of them still talking to each other in dog.

The Halfling and the dog found their way through the docks and to one of the abandoned houses in the Swordfish Alley. They crawled through a few busted holes in walls, and climbing over mound of debris that Demril and Toby could squeeze through a small opening into another building, making their way up some stairs to the top floor. Once their Demrill got Toby to help sit him down over onto his bed roll, and a pile of random clothes for blankets. "Well, lets see if She still loves me, aye Toby?" Demrill closed his eyes and concentrated, mumbling words he understood to be magic. Tiny green globes drew close to him as he concentrated, they came from everything, the floors, the walls, even some came from Toby. They all absorbed into the Halfling's body healing his wounds and left him with a light green glow for a few seconds. Demrill smiled and looked over to Toby, he whispered softly "Welp, looks like She still loves me."

This City was all Demrill knew, and sometimes he thought it talked to him, helping him. He started calling the city Lady or She, as sometimes when he was sleeping he could hear a woman's voice talk to him but never understood what She was saying. She was the reason he started getting these powers folk called "Magic", gods know why he out of all people She gave it too, but he tried to use it to help himself and the few who were kind to him.

While tucking into the bread Toby manage to bring back to the hovel earlier in the day, he saw they had company, a rat friend from the Giselle family. "Oh come here little buddy, give Dem a cuddle and tell him whats new." The rat scurried over and climbed up his jacket and perched itself on his shoulder, rubbing its face on Demrill. It started telling him the gossip for the day, the most interesting being someone in the family seeing one of the bullies who had beaten and stolen his hard earned copper, was killed. Someone cloaked in black and huge, Demrill ignored the huge bit as every rat in the family says the average human is huge.

Demrill tore some bread off and handed it up to his little rat friend, he stared over to Toby. "Well I wouldn't go so far to kill the prick, but he got what was coming to him." The Halfling threw the last small mouthful of bread to Toby and smiled. "Every dog has its day, aye mate?"
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Of mice and men.....
Dr Lucius Karver hummed quietly to himself as his hands performed their task with surgical precession. He wore a long, blood stained medical apron and thin latex gloves, green in hue. His glasses had slipped slightly down his angular nose to rest just on the tip.

The morgue was always silent, a feature the good doctor relished, his studies required complete concentration not to mention isolation from the less understanding elements of the Great Cities populace.

"Fascinating...." Karver's words trailed off as he watched the slow beating heart of his test subject. Through a delicate process of medical engineering he had managed to restart the heart of experimental cadaver A0221, several thin copper wires snaked out of the exposed chest causing an occasional spark to hiss within the cavity.

"To think, the introduction of an electrical current has a positive effect on the organs muscular contractions... even after the subject has expired.... truly fascinating" Lucius absentmindedly chatted to himself as he methodically removed his latex gloves, unceremoniously placing them upon the corpses head, covering her bloodshot eyes.

The door to the morgue was flung open as a thick set man, with a heavy mustache stormed in wearing the uniform of a senior law enforcement officer. His gruff expression exacerbated by his awkward, jerking steps. Lucius flung himself backwards against the surgical autopsy table, his heart rate elevated as he attempted to register the current situation.

"Right, see 'ere Karma...." the officer's started.

"Ahh it's Karver..." Lucius feebly interjected.

"Ahhh... ya Karver, Capt'n sent me down to ask if ye managed tah get anything outta the Jane Doe we fished outta the river this mornun.." The thick set man craned his head around Lucius in an attempt to see the body.

"Right... the ... corpse... fascinating really...." Lucius desperately tried to regain his focus and yet his mind continued to develop hypothesis' about his latest discovery.

"Yah," the officer yawned "I bet, so 'owd she get topped then? We looking at foul plaaaa...." The mans words were cut short as he moved the slender doctor to the side exposing the female corpse, exposed chest, wires, generator and all.

"Ahh yes... you could say that..." Lucius looked down at the body.

"What in the name of tha gods is all this then.... was this ere when they pulled 'er out?" The officer pointed at the wires with a thick finger.

"Well... yes.... ahhh, its my medical opinion that she died of asphyxia caused by a liquid entering the lungs and preventing the absorption of oxygen leading to cerebral hypoxia and cardiac arrest." Lucius started to lift the medical sheet over the subject but he was stopped by the officers large hands.

"Wha.... Shes bloody got them there wires, and ... is that still beatun then? Is she dead? I ain't seen nuthin like this... doc, I gotta talk to the Capt'n about this."

"I was afraid you were going to say that." Karver sighed as his hand deftly shot out, the scalpel leaving a thin red line across the officers neck. Instantly the thick set man's hands shot up towards the injury as a spray of crimson was ejected across the tiled floor. The rhythmic pumping of the mans heart caused the red liquid to continue to ooze through his fingers as he desperately tried to contain the vitae. As the man dropped to the once pristinely white floor, his body slowly changing hue, Dr Karver leant in close watching as the officer's life blood gushed from the wound in slowing bursts.

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Just another day...
Miquel had finished another long day at his desk. His current task was re-scribing some old contractual agreements due to the previous ink discolouring. It had been a bad batch apparently.

He had smiled politely to the girl at the counter as she passed him his broth. He hadn't responded to her usual small talk, as usual, and she smiled weakly as he wandered off up the street blowing across his cup before taking a sip. He was just running his eyes over a street girl he hadn't seen in this area, when he noticed some local lads chasing up an off-street.

Miquel crossed over, avoiding the traffic of carts and mules and entered the lane, stopping in the shadow of a small doorway. He watched with interest as a gang of teen-age boys roughed up a younger lad. From his vantage point, he could see the victim was actually the halfling Demrill. He knew he liked to pretend he was a child, so Miquel had always treated him as one, tossing him a copper now and again as he begged.

Miquel wondered where the hound was. Those cowards wouldn't normally bother one of their own, especially if the dog was about. Demrill appeared to be trying hard, dodging some of the blows and flicking debris, but Miquel could tell he would soon be spent, and the bruises would multiply. From back out on the street came a deep throated barking, causing the boys to stall in their beating, and as the hound rounded the corner, they took off in all directions. The dog went straight to its friend though, as he crumpled to the ground, to stand watch over him.

Miquel sipped his broth and continued up the lane, and watched as one of the lads finished scaling the palings. That would mean the boy would head at least a block before turning right into another lane, then he'd... meh... hmmm

At the next intersection, Miquel walked to the notice wall, to read what was newly pinned since he last passed this way. He stood conveniently close enough to listen to a conversation.

"The Warlord is fighting tonight in The Den I hears."
"Oooo. He's pretty good eh. Some say he's a rich kid."
"No way. The Warlord comes from the plains they say. Either way, I reckon I'll back him tonight."

Ha! The Warlord is good actually, gentlemen. And if only you knew... He's a little more than a rich kid! Miquel thought to himself as he dropped his cup and crossed once more then quickly moved up another lane. This one much tighter, and deep in shadow. He picked up his pace, turned left, broke into a trot, went right. Then slowed.

From the darkness of an alcove he heard the whimper he was expecting. Stepping into the alcove, he saw the boy from the palings curled in the corner, with someone in a black robe, cowl pulled forward, hunched over him. In a skeletal hand was a shortsword held to the boy's throat.

Miquel crouched beside the boy and put his hand on his shoulder, slowly taking the shortsword from the bony grasp. Wiping the sweat from the lad's fringe to relax him, he then clasped him across the mouth as he steadily plunged the shortsword upward into his chest from within his stomach.

"Sh, sh, sh, ssshhhhh..."
Miquel waited until the lad expired, then wiped the blade on the boy's shirt and handed it, hilt outward, for it to be taken back by the skeletal fingers, while frisking for coin with his other hand. Miquel then stood up and quickly continued down the lane and back to busier streets.

Miquel made his way to The Den. He had scored a couple of copper from the lad, and thought he might try his luck on The Warlord. A productive night maybe? He approached his usual bookmaker and palmed the coins. No words passed between them, Miquel just wandered away. He knew his coin was safe, and should The Warlord win, he would collect his profits another time.

The walk home was uneventful. As he stepped inside his dark hovel, he removed his robe, and without looking, passed it to his right, where a skeletal hand was ready to receive it. The entry room served every function except for bedroom, and as he headed there, he heard the subtle clicking as his companion locked the door.

Miquel lit a candle and moved to his clothes alcove, crouched and shimmied into and along the crawlspace behind a false wall. After a number of metres, he came out into a small room, dug into the earth. The room was lined with shelves of chalk and materials, a small bench, and in the middle a small table. Lying upon the table, was the naked corpse of the lad from the bully-gang.

Miquel lifted the rug on the floor enough to check that his companion had bolt locked its entry way behind it, and was pleased. It always gets it right. He then stood and examined the various masks on the vacant wall, all of flayed skin, before once more examining the corpse.

I will take what I need my boy if you wouldn't mind. Then I shall send the rest of you to the Good Doctor. You shall bring a tidy sum I expect. Running his hands along the limbs, Miquel reached for some parchment and made the marks that would display his request. Yes, I think I'll have the bones back on this one.

Miquel moved to the bench to select from among the tools...
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