Storytelling Adventure System

Edition: 2nd


Changeling: The Lost 2nd 8
Dark Ages: World of Darkness 2nd 6
Exalted 2nd 16
Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd 1
Hunter: The Vigil 2nd 8


WoD Plus Character List
Setting: World of Darkness GM: No_img_thumbKrand (jjolicoeur)
Espionage in the UAE
Setting: Homebrew GM: 2677286228_eb6663fb1b_o_tinyMatt (Darpol)
MtA: Metropolis Setting: Mage: The Awakening GM: No_img_thumbSebastian (sebxian)
Lost in Sin City
Setting: Changeling: The Lost GM: 251281_10100622901427360_1940665_64166595_5457456_n_tinyJ.R. (ilnira)
Test Setting: Exalted GM: No_img_thumbMike (angelwick)
The Shadow
Setting: Homebrew GM: Bluephoenixd_tinyMitch (Clawstorm23)
Werewolf - The Rage Within Setting: World of Darkness GM: Me_tinyMythforger (Nhytewulf)
Trancendence of The Metal Man Setting: Exalted GM: No_img_thumbAlex (OfficerZan)
Paradise Restored Setting: Exalted GM: No_img_thumbJohn (Cthulhuslushee)
Test? Setting: Exalted GM: No_img_thumbCharles (AgentGFY)
Mortelles Origines Plus Character List Setting: Scion GM: No_img_thumbHugues (Nostrazugus)