Hero System

Edition: 6th

Publisher: Hero Games

The HERO System is Hero Games's award-winning roleplaying game system. Voted the Best Roleplaying Game of All Time by InQuest Magazine, it offers you more freedom to create exactly the character you want than any other system available.


Fantasy Hero 6th 6
Traveller Hero Hero 0


Arythia Setting: Homebrew GM: No_img_thumbKevlyn (Kevlyn)
The Doom.
Setting: Fantasy Hero GM: 151080_464942716285_577896285_6185898_67290_n_tinyAllan (thetick2)
The Wild Event Plus Character List Setting: Homebrew GM: No_img_thumbCorey (EMonk)
Flight of a Thousand Years Setting: Traveller Hero GM: Avatar_-_tv_static_100x86_tinyRoland Volz (AlHazred)
rugby Setting: Homebrew GM: No_img_thumbdfdgdf (allsports01)