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Journal 4 - A night to remember
Sorry I haven't been keeping up. We stopped in port and the shop keeper had ALL kinds of crazy cooking goodies! After that I was lost in the cooking world. Sooo many new toys to try out.

Instead of catching up I'll just write about last night.

Our dear captain has been busy satisfying his lustful needs (that certainly seem to have grown since I first met him...), and a few of us decided to head out on shore ourselves to see what was out there.

Basically we ran across a grave yard that looked like people had been sacrificed. Others filled me in on the dragon and so clearly there must be a creature or creatures here that didn't want to be disturbed.

The barbarian found some ghouls. I didn't know much about these ghouls, but I know that the undead have some general nasty touch abilities and a strong dislike for daylight. With the noise we were now making engaged in combat, I buffed the barbarian with a spell that helped prevent him from being hit.

In short order he killed the ghouls although they seemed to also phase out quite a bit.

Mackenzie shouted out that she saw a bleeding child and ran off, as did everyone else. I hesitated slightly before I ran into the crypt and detected magic... taking along the necklace and mace to identify when I had more time.

I actually managed to catch up as the barbarian was struggling to get in the front door. Apparently it was a tight fit. The drow did a magnificent leap and flip through the window instead. The barbarian finally made it in but didn't' seem to be moving further, so I gave up on entering through the door and just grabbed the ledge of the window and lifted myself up and through.

The little girl was inside and hiding. Mackenzie found her and she seemed to bond with Mackenzie. The priest noticed fang bites on the the little girls neck (we later found out her name was Newt), and removed curse.

while talking I felt something touch me and so I abrupt jaunted away, turned and flung glitterdust into the area. This apparently provided enough of an outline for the barbarian to attack here, and he completely obliterated her. Her... was a vampire. A very wispy vampire.

The barbarian was bit, but didn't seem to be affected by anything.

Next up was another vampire hanging out in the ceiling of the cathedral about 60' above us. We eventually battered him down with ease... AND while the others were arguing about how they wanted to showcase the skulls it sparked a memory that ground vampire bone actually helps reverse negative levels AND makes good seasoning. I may not tell anyone when I use it though. some people have no sense of adventure.

The altar slid open, but in doing so we spilled the goblet of blood and summoned a demoness, and what a demoness she was!!!

Everyone was standing around chatting and the need to take action overrode my better judgement and so I charged here with claws out. The reaction wasn't what I expected... she actually seemed aroused by my action and this shocked me enough that I came back to my senses, although her stroking of my tail had me somewhat distracted.

In the end, if we weren't forming a cult for her, she just wanted a good lay.

We won't go into too many details, but the barbarian, cleric, and myself went into the other room. It involved a tea ceremony, halfway through, a decanter of endless water, grease, unseen servants, dwarven ale, a couple of pony mounts, and I think even my fire elemental my have snuck in for a little fun, but I'm not sure.

In the end we were sweating hard and the cleric actually passed out from exhaustion.

That morning we road back to the ship on the mounts. The goblin seemed impressed at out conquest and Newt seemed to be taken care of. The barbarian was planning on teaching her to fight, and I have plans to teach her about the ways of the cook. She'll have many choices and be free to pick her own way.

Her treatment enraged me though. I couldn't believe that she was used for food. I suppose I've been a bit neutral about slavery before this. To be honest I've never really thought about it, but what took place here was appalling to me. She had been left as food and sacrifice.

Oh yeah... and a golden snitch from Z told us we were in great danger (duh) and to go to some tower. I burned the note, but I have a good sense as to where the tower is.

My sense of justice/vengeance was burning too hot, and the message wasn't exactly detailed, so I ignored it. We went back out to the slavers camp and headed toward some slave pens. Again I lost my temper. This really isn't like me. It seems to be happening more as I grow in power. I'll have to look at ways to prevent it.

Anyway, I lost my temper and instead of a stealthy attack, I unleashed tentacles (now WHY didn't I use those last night?), and hasted the party (after going invisible... oops)

They were just fodder agents and didn't really know how to fight except for two which the barbarian breathed on and they crumpled.

I was a bit disappointed that I didn't have anyone to really lash out at, but then the slavers were kind enough to stand in a straight line... where I incinerated them with a fireball.

Afterwards the priest identified there was disease, so I started prepping the tea and some oatmeal (not too rich)and fortified it with important vitamins/minerals that the sick and starved would need. My unseen servants went about attending the sick and cleaning up the area.

Once that was all set-up I started identifying items for the party. I suggested the drow take the freedom of motion ring, but I think there was a misunderstanding that Mackenzie educated me about later. He was commenting about how he had no room for more rings and I took that as him not wanting the ring, although Mackenzie thinks he did. Upon hearing him state he was full on rings I simply put the ring on. So... it sounds like he does want it and I'll be giving it to him shortly. It's better in his hands.

Anyway, after the items were identified, and others were talking about the door and what to do with the slaves, I continued to help clean up the area and focused on taking care of the children and the food and tea were distributed.

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January 27, 2013
Potential back door
Smattering goblins, red dust
Drums sound through the halls

Secret door, ignore.
Eldrin takes personal time
Hrothgar protects me

Gladius appears
Squeeze through dark cave behind cloth
What is that rank smell?

Giant gross monster
I don't want that for a pet.
Don't throw that, you fool!

Leave griffons alone
Giant sword flies through the air
How did he catch that?

Black and green dragon
Lurking, not really asleep
Please do not eat us.

Griffons were dinner
We promise to bring fat cows
Squeeze griffons away

Slavers to defeat
Good day to throw swords, I guess
My new job: burn trolls

Head slaver escapes
I am intimidating!
Trolls cower in fear.

Nope, not a back door.
I teach care of animals;
Learning Drow signs.
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The Dagger that was found...
As the party sleeps a dream appears. In this dream scaly hands forge the weapon that you see below and you hear in a deep voice that hisses the words that are written.

More dreams follow; a great slaughter of lizard and serpent folk, their city burning, their youth skinned or led away as humans in ancient Aztlan armor laugh in their victory stomping eggs in incubators and leaving none alive.

The desire to look into the eye of the dagger is resistible but strong. It is almost as if the dagger is pleading with you to be the instrument of vengeance to an even that happened a long time ago.

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Down the stairs, you firs...
Down the stairs, you first
Traps covered by tapestries
Rescue three, kill one

Quiet clay golems
Alive, angry, attacking
Invisible heal

Lake of mercury
Jump on the island… no thanks
Run before collapse

Late-night talks of loot
Sail to a faraway land
My cook is better.

~ Mackenzie the Magnificent
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Epic × 3!
Journal 3 - Disappointment of mushroomic proportions
Blah! I traveled all this way and was unable to locate my mushroom! I was SO hoping to try this dish!!!

Okay, I'm skipping ahead.

Where did I last leave off? Right... I believe I mentioned we were at the top of some stairs going down. So... down we went. At the bottom of the stairs were some rune covered floors that our brave captain determined were actual traps and that ALL we had to do would be to cover them with tapestry. I'm not sure why they didn't explode when covered, but they didn't and that's all we needed.

Once across the runes there were three individuals in chains, and one we should have left there. One was a beautiful elvish girl who's naked visage I captured in here using a cantrip. Another was a dwarf who thankfully wasn't with us long, and last a drow.

We had to solve some riddles to free them which we cruised through. Next up were some doors with riddles, but the dwarf refused to stop talking, and he was rather crude. It got so bad that the captain and the barbarian picked him up and tossed him across the room where he landed on the runes and we got to see what they did. We all figured they teleported people into demon realms but apparently they simply burn you to a crisp. The drow cast levitation and faerie fire on the dwarf and the barbarian roped him and dragged him back and attempted to use him as a trap detector.

The next room was full of status that were set off as soon as we walked into and turned into clay golems. Fairly simple battle but the magical curse that prevented healing was fairly harsh. Luckily we were able to counter it.

All in all we took on 8 golems.

There were two caskets that were looted. No mushroom was to be found, but there was some quite healthy treasure. As soon as we took the last of the treasure the place started to collapse. I hasted everyone and we dashed out of there as quickly as we could and headed to their ship.

Oh yeah... there was a bunch of mercury or quick silver. I carried the drow's goodies and he filled his haversack with the mercury as well as some bottles and flasks, back on the ship the imp turned it into quite a bit of gold.

I talked to Mackenzie and we decided to stick with the crew. For the most part they seem like good people even if they are a little quick to kill at times. Plus... as a group I think we make a pretty good team and we walk away with the stories.

We sailed back to some small village to retrieve the reward which involved a chest of rubies. I don't trust these guys as much as everyone else seems to and subtly cast detect magic... the rubies are magical. Before we set sail for the new port I want to identify them (which i can do after I memorize the spell). Plain rubies shouldn't be magical. Spellcrafting I could determine that if you set them end to end something will happen.

Oh yeah... and the guy apparently killed his boss with no remorse. I'm not sure exactly what went on there, but he seemed to mean us no harm, so I'm not going to worry about their internal feuding dynamics or whatever it is.

Things to do at the new port:
Identify rubies (before we leave)
Talk to contact about finding and killing slavers
Gather information to find out if the people we're sent to kill ARE slavers (stop actually was the word)
Buy cookware and magical items.
Bring the statue eyes and clerics to a temple to break them free and destroy the evil soul sucking items.

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