“We are mercenaries, all of us, but only a precious few have honesty enough to admit it. Whether we sell ourselves for coin, for honor, or ideals, we all have a price whose continued payment leads us inevitably to our end. But when that end comes, will you admit to your balance sheet? Or will you lie when you claim that the blood on your hands was spilled for just cause, not simply your hunger for glory?”

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Through the Looking Glass
Seventh-day, 17th Mirtul, 1380

I was able to find a hidden door in The Happy Beggar. Upon entering the cavern on the other side I noticed signs of a fight. Large black bats laid slain upon the ground. I continued on through the caverns which began to look like an old temple.

I was wondering if I would catch up to the adventurers I met the day before but as luck would have it I arrived just in time. I found the party on the loosing end of a battle with a number of wraiths. Quickly I sprung into action, reading the runes on a portal in the room I was able to cause it to grab all of the party and pull them through the portal just before it closed.

Several of the party had grievous woulds which left them unconscious. After the fallen party members wounds were treated I was approached by the party's paladin, a large dragonborn towering over six feet tall.

He rushed toward me attempting to grab me by the throat. I easily stepped aside and subdued him. He had lost his weapon on the other side of the portal. With the help of the groups mage he was able to reopen the portal and retrieve it. After resting for the evening we were ready to set off on our search for Modra.

The Shadowfell is a vile place. All light in the world seems to be drained of its energy. We ventured out into the gray wastes into the mercenary camp near the volcano. Much to our surprise we were able to mostly blend into the crowd and had no difficulty infiltrating the camp. We were able to pump some information from the staff and patrons of a makeshift tavern located in one of the larger tents in camp.

Patrin, the groups Dragonborn paladin who had the day before attempted to accost me, approached a group of Dragonborn mercenaries attempting to get some valuable information. At about the same time one of the humans in the group, I believe his name is Xavi, approached the bar tender.

We gathered some information but no where near enough to find Modra. We struck out to see if we could find more information on his whereabouts. Instead, we found ogres looking for a fight.

As we passed the training grounds we were greated by an eager bunch of ogres who insisted on sparring with us. What we weren't ware was that the training fight was to the death. Fortunately for us we were able to dispatch the creatures without too much effort. Now perhaps we can continue on searching for clues.
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The Happy Beggar
Sixth-day, 16th Mirtul, 1380

I have found the group of adventurers who discovered my sister's body in The Vents. They were searching for information on a brass key they had found during their defense of the city of Overlook. I decided to share what I had learned about the person responsible for my sister's death and pointed them toward the Happy Beggar.

I had some other business to attend to this morning but planned to catch up with the party at the alm house. However, upon arriving I could find no sign of them. When I asked the propitiators, an elderly couple named Prashant and Ausma, they said the party had arrived shortly before I did. They said they were questioned by the party about Modra but that they had never heard the name before. Prashant said that he had been watching them as they carefully searched the building but that he had been distracted for a moment and when I looked again, the group had gone.

I plan to search the alm house as well and see if I can determine what happened to the party. I cannot be too late to join them. I must have my revenge against Modra for my sister.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Feb 27 2016 from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM
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The Heroes of Overlook
Fifth-day, 15th of Mirtul, 1380

Today I received some surprise guests. The heroes of Overlook came by looking for information on a key they had come across in their adventures. I immediately recognized the key as the one being sought so desperately by the arms dealer Modra.

The dark creeper has been putting the word out in Shanty Town that she is willing to pay well for information that leads to the retrieval of the key. Upon examination of the key I can see why she is so desperate to retrieve it. Immediately upon examining the key I recognized it's magical energy as the same used to open the ancient magical portals to the Shadowfell.

While I have no love for opportunist arms dealers (especially one's who just lost so spectacularly) I felt it wise not to share all I know with the adventurers. I did however, share with them that the key was the kind used to open portals. I believe this was enough information to set them on the right track. In exchange for the information I did not ask for financial compensation but rather asked for cadavers for my experiments, hoping to gain their favor.

I have heard tales of another mercenary in Overlook who is also seeking Modra. A female half elf named Reniss who has been asking a lot of questions around town and has surely drawn much unwanted attention to herself.

Modra certainly seems to have attracted much unwanted attention in her quest to recover the key. It shows she is desperate and desperate people make mistakes.
Session: The Key - Saturday, Jan 30 2016 from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM
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Great boiling orcs (or, how we finished helping Overlook)
Kalid insists he needs to spend a few hours sanctifying the room that was defiled by the orcs. While I respect his devotion, I really think it could have waited. Regardless, we walk into the control room without him. We have to climbg the stairs around the edge. Dylim starts flipping switches, but at the last minute I have a psionic insight and tell him to change his setting, which turns out to be for the best. Dylim manages to get a second switch in place, but as he does four Orcs enter the room through one of the tunnels in the walls.

Three of them go down easily right away, but then 4 Orogs start to move into the room through one of the other tunnels. Lithandra fires her crossbow for a second miss, but this time so badly it nearly takes off Xavi's ear.

Then more Orcs follow behind the Orogs. Some rapid conversation occurs between Dylim and Shagar as Shagar casts his magic at the Orogs, causing some anxiety for Patrin as he worries that Dylim may mess up working the switches. They do take some hits from us.

Just when I thought this won't be too bad, a giant Orog Chieftan looking guy (his name is Tusk) squeezes through another tunnel (I'm amazed he fit) and rushes around the perimeter walkway headed toward the heroes. A Shadar Kai Warlock follows him. About this time Dylim finishes working the vent control switches, activating it. Boiling water begins to fill the chamber below us. It starts to warm up rather quickly.

Thanks to the combat advantage provided by the environment of the room, giving us the high ground, all enemies are dispatched. Shagar and I were the only ones to take significant damage. Shagar was hit by a warlock/witch's curse repeatedly, and Tusk hit me very hard. It left me feeling quite exhausted (down to one surge). At the end, the witch was offered the chance to surrender, but she cried out that we had killed her lover and she would rather boil alive there and then, than hang from the gallows. She received her choice.

I pulled Tusk's body from the water to be looted. But finding nothing, I cried out in frustration and punched him in the face twice and, with Dylim's help, pushed his body back into the water.

With the vents full of boiling hot water, the place is now secure. Taking the horses from the free riders (5 in total), the we head back to Overlook.

Back in Overlook, a 5 day celebration ensues and they put us up in a nice inn. We are praised for striking a blow against the Orcs and stopping Tusk's advance into their lands.

But during all the celebration most of us can't help shake the feeling we are being watched.
Session: The Conclusion - Saturday, Jan 02 2016 from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM
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Glad News and Sad Tidings
Third-day, 23rd of Tarsakh 1380

Today the mercenary group we sent to evacuate the monks from the Monastery of the Sundered Chain returned. Unfortunately the news they brought was a mixed blessing.

They returned with only one monk, a paladin named Kalad who had managed to survive an assault on the monastery by the orc armies who were besieging Bordrin's Watch. There were no other survivors however, at the urging of Kalad the party went on to the Vents to ensure the success of the Farstriders who the council had sent to open the vents and flood the passageways, preventing the orcs from surrounding Overlook.

Upon their arrival the band of adventurers found the bodies of the members of the Farstriders. Let it be noted that they fell in defense of Overlook and the Vale and will be honored with state funerals. The party informed us that while they met with heavy resistance they were able to activate the vents and flood the passageways, turning the tide against the orc legions.

Without their leader and with their plan to use the tunnels to circumvent Bordrin's Watch the orc army was easily turned away by the defenders at the Watch. Without the help of these bands of brave souls the citizens of Overlook may have had a very bleak time ahead.

For now life has returned to normal for the most part. The heroes were put up in one of the nicest inns in the city and a parade was held in their honor the day after their return. It has now been two weeks since the orc legions were turned away at Bordrin's Watch and the investigation into this strange orc behavior has failed to turn up any solid leads. Something caused them to become more emboldened than usual. I am concerned that this is not the end of our troubles.
Session: The Conclusion - Saturday, Jan 02 2016 from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM
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