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I think the people love me.
I'm in a Chariot being drawn by four horses riding across the sky with a halo of light around my head. The light is incredibly bright, illuminating the earth below me, but I can see clearly. Truth to tell, I can see everything before me. I can hear everything I want to if only my sight lingers on it.

Over there, at the farm, I see a farmer kiss his wife and make his way to work. Yonder I see a ship preparing to sail. I look below, how far can my eyes see... I look to the ground and my sight penetrates the very earth. I see the soil and the rock beneath, I see an underground river and let mine eyes follow it's course. I come to a large cavern leading to a large cave entrance and a chained, large three headed hound. The hound is strong and it looks to be angry. I let my sight pass it and behold, the cave opens up onto a large plain of fire and brimstone. In the centre of this underworld is a fortress the likes of which I have never seen. It looks to have penetrated the rock beneath in an violent strike ripping the ground this way and that, leaving the dull red rock glowing with molten rocks fire.

I look to see into the fortress and am distracted by a light and the sounds of pleasure in a spire far to the apex and want to see in it... I see two forms locked in loves embrace, they seem familiar, as if I should know who they are. I know him, Ares. And she, is somebody who should not be there.

Shade is talking to himself. He is repeating words and phrases that I think he finds mysterious and nefarious (to what end, I have no idea). Personally, I just wish he'd hurry up and help me try to figure out how we can convince a broad to model these outfits for the catalogue. But that's Shade, he's easily distracted when I'm trying out some of the roleplaying costumes. The one I'm wearing right now is all golden, shiny, skintight and made of a new fabric. I think it's called lycra. The minute he saw me try it on, he became distracted. He must one of those types who have to use the cubical in the bathroom, for everything.

This in kids, reports coming in of an invasion of red crab on Sandrock bay, thousands of em! So if your up for a nice seafood chowder now's the time to head down..

Folks have reported that the invasion of crabs seems something more sinister. The crabs have started attacking beachgoers, Jeff Turner is reporting from Sprayview village..
Yes Joe Jeff Turner speaking with Sarah-Anne Myers.. so you say the crabs have been attacking people?
Yes Jeff, oh my lord! Its chaos, its like the end of the world! You Kids! get away from there! Samuel..Samuel, oh my lord! Begone I say.. wont someone help!? Someone ..think of the children!!

Oh, ohmy god, Joe, Joe I have just seen Samuel Myers overcome by crabs, oh dear, they seem to be dragging him away, no, no Sara Jane, oh god they've got her too, someone better get up here quick and sort this out, come on Ed, lets get to higher ground...
[Joe at the station]Jeff, Jeff? hello?,, well um folks we seem to be experiencing some difficulty...more on this as it come in...

Well it looks like another chance to show Pacifica my Heroism has come to the fore. I reach for the sex swing and move toward Shade. He has a rope in his hand "No I'm not using that, I'll never use that. I've got this instead"
Shade has a rope with a small loop on the end "Tie the other end around your waist and I'll put my foot in the loop and hold on..." I can see he has been thinking about this and decide not to argue the point "Ok"

We're flying through the sky at a reasonable height as I try to collect my thoughts in anticipation. Our last heroic escapade didn't go down as smoothly as I'd hoped so we had a chin wag about trying to combine our powers for a better result. I did hear about some other supers on the wireless and know that we'll eventually cross paths. Maybe they're on there way to the beach too. I just wish I'd picked up that days paper to get a description. Maybe we could start a super team, maybe they have a more positive demeanor than my dark friend. One can only hope...

Upon reaching the beach, I see the sand is covered in crabs. With the vermin seeming to be thickest around man sized 'mounds' of sand and so I quickly drop off Shade on a dune overlooking the bay. He's all shadowy and starting to make his magic so I zoom out to the nearest mound and dazzle the beach scum with the suns spectrum of color. I then reach into the sand and retreive a scantily clad women (who has a breast exposed from her torn swimwear) and lift her into the air. She is stunned silent at my awesome gold clad physique as I fly us back to the dune and drop her off. Shade starts making overtures of protection to her but it is too late, she is captivated by my manliness. Her eyes are inescapably drawn to my lycra bound magnificence, she is only a women after all...

Shade is starting to move onto the beach saying aloud nonsense regarding his greatness, darkness and powerfulness. It is at this point that I realize Shade may have confidence issues. Well, that and the fact he may need more adjectives.

I again create a light show stunning more crabs and reach into the sand once more. Some of the hardshells are moving and I decide not to dally and when I have a handhold I just launch into the air. On reaching the sand dune I see that Shade has saved a fat man. I look down and see I'm holding onto a seal carcass. I drop it in disgust... It is then that I see a rather large plant appear behind us and so I hit it with a color blast dazzling it senseless "Leave off Shade, it will be stunned for awhile, we have citizens to save" I then whimsically decide to impress the lady with a display of superspeed and fly into the air to rescue more people.

After a couple more rainbow hue showers (I like that description) I wonder what is keeping Shade from joining the rescue effort and look to the dune. Though he is quite a distance away, I can clearly make out and even hear a fight taking place between my dark companion and the bush. The bush beating off Shade. So I decide to bring a rain of golden bolts upon it from above. I'm about to arrive when the a shadow blocks the sun and I look to see something falling to the beach. It is huge and ugly. And it's arrival brings pause to the conflict I was about to resolve. It is smashing the crabs on the beach and I hear the big bush hiss words "My friend from the robot fight..."

It is then that I remember that we were not the only ones to fight the automatons of Dr Malevolent "Shade, cease this distraction. The plant and the Edimmu are working for the same goals. We have a more pressing issue than your problem with weeds"

I don't know what a Edimmu is, I just know that the monster is one.

Shade tells me to block my ears as he has a plan, he says this as he turns from the bush and makes his way to the beach.

Eventually, the beach is cleared of the tiresome crabs and a crowd has gathered to watch my exploits. I notice the Edimmu is rather fond of dark themed speeches like Shade. Perhaps they both have insecurities they don't want to share. So we gather on a dune and the reporters and gossip merchants are all there to ask me if I am choosing to stay in Pacifica (every city needs a hero), when a reporter has the audacity to ask what the others names are. We all answer at the same time, ruining the moment. So I compose myself for the next question whilst the Edimmu continues to drone on in hellspeak (I don't know what that is either, nor do I know why I can understand it, he's saying how the mortals all need to bow down to him because he is a prince of the underworld or some nonsense. I think Hades would have something to say about that) Anyway one of the mortals has the gumption to step forward and ask another question "Does your super group have a name?"

Needless to say, I'm shocked at the audacity that this person is intimating. As if I could be teamed with a plant and a upstart Edimmu. So I'm about to answer when the plant hisses "Pacifica Paragons"

What kind of stupid name is that? There must be some plant logic there that I have no idea how to comprehend. I decide another name is required and tell the reporter such "Well that name is a bit lame, I think a more appropriate name would be something akin to the shower of power"
It is then that I remember the reaction of the young women when seeing me in my majestic gold suit "In fact, a more appropriate name would be the Golden Showers..."

Really, plants have no idea how to bring some excitement to a name. I can't imagine how these fools would be able to have acted in concert without my direction.
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