The Realm of Amadar is said to have been created by the God Naess. The year is 1304. The land has been calm and green for nearly 1250 years now. In the year 46, a war broke out between the pact of Orcs, Goblins, and Drow, also known as the Mairae, and the alliance of Dwarves, Humans, and Elves, called the Veryr. The war lasted nearly 10 years, with the Mairae being driven back into the ground and sealed away by ancient magic. Bards have written many songs telling of legends of an epic party with members such as Tahlaer. They also speak of the Dwarven healer named Helia. There are rumors that Daely, the Elven Druid, still walks through the Traael Woods. The name Dair is greatly frowned upon speaking, as he nearly stopped the Veryr from banishing the Mairae when he betrayed Tahlaer, his lifelong friend. Lastly, the forgotten hero, Glanard, is said to still guard the magical seal keeping all Evil out of Amadar. Over time the leaders of the Mairae have been forgotten as well, but the name Koravel is seen in ancient books. He is mentioned as Amadar’s most powerful being. There are stories of him single-handedly wiping out armies of thousands without a single flaw in his armor when the battle was over. To those that have delved to find more about Koravel know that he was once a good friend to Tahlaer and some believe they may have even been related. As time has passed the Veryr was also forgotten, as there was no longer a need for the alliance. Now the Land of Havan, founded by Cea has claimed rule over Amadar. Havan is governed by a council of High Elves. The Dwarves, with Bofthen as their capitol, are once again feuding with the Elves over power of Amadar. They believe that, because they control the soil of Amadar, that there would not be a Havan without them. There are whispers in the shadows of Dwarves searching for the passageway to the Veryr. They have plans to release them and show the Elves once again that they are the reason for peace. Others feel that the Elves have begun rituals to dispel the seal and release the Veryr so that they can wipe the Dwarves out of Amadar. There are even mentions that Koravel has come back to Amadar and is building his army again.[/SIZE]

Edition: 3.5ish

Publisher: PMatty

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