On the Isle of the Lake, it is said, there stands a structure built by the hands of Erathis. It is called the Godsgate, but none have seen it save the Priesthood of the High Temple... and the Exiles.

For those whom offend the Gods will be condemned to eternal exile, and they will be taken in chains to the White Ship, which will bear them to the Isle of the Lake, there to be thrown through the Gate and cast out from the World, never to return.

Beyond the Gate lies the Shadowfell, the dark echoes of reality that stretch across the void from the edge of the World to… where?

To find out, one must follow the Godsroad. From the Gate it runs, crossing from Near Shadow to distant realities that become ever stranger and more unlike the World. To leave the road is to risk becoming trapped in shadow, but to stay on the road is to journey ever further into the unknown.

Edition: 4E

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

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Godsroad Setting: Godsroad GM: Dr-evil_tinyChristopher (cjrm)