Neo Haven

Don't be put off by the grubby initial impression you get when you arrive in New Haven. Tucked away among the grimy factories and architecturally nondescript office blocks of New Haven you will find NEO HAVEN home of some of the best restaurants, most exciting nightspots, and diverting cultural and intellectual activities in all of New England right here in the sister city of Neo Haven. Founded in 1638 by a group of wealthy Puritans from London, New Haven became the seat of Yale University in 1716, the third oldest college in the nation. and 100 years later its sister city Neo Haven Founded Whitney College named after one of its most famous alumni Eli Whitney. would later come (after numerous grants and donations) to be one of Americas first prestigious schools open to the poor and rich alike Neo Haven University in 1816. Today, its leafy campus and magnificent Gothic architecture continue to exert a veritable historical presence. The tensions between the city's two very different facets (tension-ridden urbanity and Ivy League idyll) once made the two haven's an uneasy place, though an active symbiosis has thrived since the early 1990s. The city has been undergoing major intercity development, which will yield new residential, cultural, and commercial spaces.

Edition: 1st Ed. World of Darkness

Publisher: White Wolf

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