The Armageddon

The end of the world. The destruction of life as we know it. The great terror. The beginning of the end. Whatever you call it, it is the start of this whole mess. A whole 1000 years the Armageddon raged. The world itself took back what belonged to her, whilst destroying those that harmed her. Due to a reason unknown a vast crater was formed, in which most of the water left on this planet drew itself, filling up the crater and forming the Vast Deep Sea. It took a great toll on every surviving clan. Some survived by using ancient magic, whilst other created shelters under and above ground. At least 90% of all civilization was destroyed, at least that is what the history books tells us.

Relics of Old

After the Armageddon there was nothing left of civilization, and 90% of known civilization was annihilated. But after the chaos slowly past away with time. Ancient relics were found in the newly created lands of Espalum. Large towers, with hundreds of stairs leading to one center room at the top of these towers. These relics are now the mark of every great city, the Council Towers. These towers were found by different clans. Grudges still existed between each, but they had barely survived the Armageddon, thus three small coalitions where formed on different parts of Espalum:

The clan of Melairkyn had stumbled on an Ancient relic hidden deep within the largest Mountain known to those dwarves. While the humans stumbled on a Frozen wasteland

Tiefling/ Fire,Earth Genasi/ Fire Dragonborn


As time went on those three spent energy and resources to steadily explore the newly formed regions. But heavy research was started to find out more about these mysterious Council Towers. As time progressed smaller surviving clans joined forces with the three coalitions.

After almost 100 years of research steadily more secrets and mysterys of those towers were discovered. But nothing machted the discovery of the now famous Hall of Travel. Through several secret doors and passageways each Council Tower held exact the same room, these rooms contain a set of 12 gateways, gateways to the other towers.

The Great Coalition

After great discovery of the Hall of Travel, a wave of hostility was formed, as each coalition believed they were the first and had the right to take ownership of all the ancient relics.
But around 100 AA they succeeded on a treaty, the war between all three coalitions took a to great of a toll on the endurance off all party's. They needed to work together so they could understand and profit from these ancient but mysterious relics. And after the great losses of the Armageddon not even 100 years ago there clans and resources were stretched thin. So the Great Coalition were formed.
Between 100 AA and 550 AA, the Great Coalition brought upon us many wonderful things, for example in each city a Grand Monarch was named and together with his six Monarchs, the governed this city's.
Unfortunately it was not destined that the peace would last. Wars and battle's broke out who would rightfully own the different city's, this was the end for not only the Great Coalition, but even wars broke out between the original coalitions. Till this day it is not clear who started the conflict, but it became the most bloody battle of AA history.


Eladrin rule the Forest Mountains | Jungle, whilst Elves follow or rebel.
One clan of Gnomes have joined the dwarves as they made a very interesting deal. After the Great Coalition the Goliath have moved away from the civilized lands, towards Frost Mountains | Antarctona.

Tiefling still hold there own in the dangerously hot Miri Mountains. Some rogue Dragonborn with the soul of fire, and Genasi have teamed up to throw the Tieflings off there hot throne.

The great Religious city of Xanetum is ruled by Humans and , in the frozen wastelands. The outcatst and non believers aren residing the frozen mountains in the surroudning area.

The desert is a combined mess..., but the most tolerable of regions, although the climate is not.

Religion in Espalum:

Though many have forgone the existance of the gods after the 100 year "Armageddon" [as some folk claim it to be.], seeing this as proof that the gods do not exist, otherwise they would have stopped this from happening.
Others saw that day as the day the gods retributed for the harm that was caused to the planet.
Many deties thus remain, yet some have lost a great deal of followers, amongst wich is Correllon.

Primal Spirits

_TO DO: What is the roll of primal spirits in Espalum_


Vast Cities, colvulsing every traveler or citizen withing their regions.
Some smaller towns and villages or camps are scattered all over the sections, yet only one real City exists per region. Within each City lies a Council Tower. The top of the tower holds the Council Chamber. The bottom of the Tower, a few stories down into the ground, holds the Hall of Travel .
Each Hall of Travel is guarded/wachted over by one of the Traveler | travelers of Espalum, the halls are linked with each other Hall in Espalum.
[Though they seem to work without flaw, some reports say they occasionally "fail".]


Most of the cities are run by the Council | councils of the 6 Monarchs the Grand Monarch and the Advisor of the council | Advisor .
These six Monarchs are responsible for a different section of a region, and report directly to the Grand Monarch.
The City of Lochlin and Necropolis are the exception of this rule.

Trading / Law / Housing:

Each section has their own form of trade. Some by use of exchange, others by use of labor.
But most still rely on Currency, in the form of Gold Pieces.
As for law, each City has their own guards on duty and many answer to the Matriarchs directly.
Outside the cities it's a different story. Desolate wastelands cannot be controlled, thus no law is applied there.
As for Housing, each City has their own style of housing, ranging from treehouses to vast buildings, yet each City still has a Council Tower perched within the centre of the City.


p. Due to the varied living conditions in each Section, the transport within each is different. The Desert Wasteland|Afrunand desert , for instance, rely mostly on Lizards, yet the Vast Deep Sea|Discordea ocean use boats for transport.

Edition: 4e

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