The World of Argannon

The world of Argannon was one of 12 worlds once bound together by the Halo of the All-Father. Today, only a small crescent of the Halo remains, binding Zaraniel and Valithiri, better known as the Shadowfell and the Feywild, to Argannon. Argannon has a long, rich history of magic and empires, war and heroics, of fallen gods and ascendant champions. From the daegannor and kelgannor of the north to the eladrin and elves of Fargrasp Forest, from the men of Krieden and Onthien to the goblinoid-dominated Korthax, Argannon is a world of wonder, danger, and adventure.

Edition: 4e

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The Sentinels of the Shattered Halo Setting: The World of Argannon GM: No_img_thumbMatt (mattferrara)