Wastelands of Kreth

Kreth is a vast wasteland of barren steppes, ashen plains, rocky crags, and volcanic hills. Only scant forests dot the lands, and few water sources flow through the hills and valleys. Barren and devoid of natural beauty, the Wastelands offer little bounty to the scattered peoples inhabiting them. Savage creatures roam the wilderness unchecked and bitter dust storms scour the landscape. Only the hardiest people survive in these unforgiving lands.

The Wastelands stretch roughly 700 miles west to east and 900 miles south to north. The imposing Blackspire Peaks naturally form the northeastern border and the Salt Flats of Paj hem the land in from the southwest. The volcanic Slag Hills dominate the northwestern reaches and the southeast bounds gradually fade into the endless deserts of Ahara.
The Wastelands have not always been the bleak lands they are today. In the past, the Wastelands were dominated by thick forests, rolling hills, and fertile valleys. Wild game was abundant, livestock healthy and strong, and crops plentiful. Numerous powerful kingdoms ruled the lands and many races lived in peace and harmony.

Then chaos came.

Chaos incursions were sporadic at first. Out of the northeast, scattered bands of grotesque, bestial men raided the lands and were pushed back or destroyed outright. Nothing seemed overly threatening. The kingdoms had been fighting ongoing border skirmishes with orcs, gnolls, goblins—-and the occasional trolls and giants—-for as long as anyone could remember, and the lands remained safe and secure.

Then, a fireball fell from the sky, crashing down upon the lands to the northeast. With the wicked fire came terrible, heretofore unknown magical forces and creatures bearing hideous mutations. Some were wholly alien and terrifying. For over four hundred years, the chaos hordes swept through the lands like a plague unchecked. Horrible mutations afflicted the people and chaos magic blighted the landscape. Cities and towns were destroyed and entire kingdoms collapsed. All seemed lost.

The chaos hordes eventually passed on to the south or retreated back northeast, and civilization began to take root once again. Rebuilt villages, towns and cities provide the surviving folk of the region guiding points of light by which to renew their lives and futures. Unfortunately, much of the valuable land and resources remain powder kegs for a different sort of violence, as upstart warlords and established barons vie for control of the Wastelands.

The Dark Years enter their fifth century. Many cults of chaos worshipers still lurk in the Wastelands. This is the place and time in which the heroes find themselves—-a region devastated by chaos, people clinging to civilization by their fingertips, savage warlords battling for dominance, and vast stretches of monster-ridden lands concealing untold treasures of the past.

Edition: 4th

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

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