Spaceship Zero

Cross time, space, and the edge of sanity with the Spaceship Zero roleplaying game! Based on the cult TV series and forthcoming movie, Spaceship Zero is a '50s style swashbuckling space adventure RPG.

A group of brave test pilots take the world's first "Better-Than-Light" drive ship for a spin around the galaxy. Everything that can go wrong does, leaving the crew stranded in a twisted mirror universe, low on supplies and beset by dangerous aliens who seek their technological secrets.

Spaceship Zero is a complete RPG, and includes an introductory adventure. The universe will never be the same!

Edition: 1st

Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing

Default Rule System: Basic Roleplaying (1st)

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The Elder Scrolls:Explorers of the Rift Plus Character List Setting: Spaceship Zero GM: Zunealbumart_tinyZac (TheWolfHongos)