Metal Magic and Lore

Metal Magic and Lore is arranged around the traditional, and now familiar to many, set up of a Game Master (GM) and players. The GM presents the plot which tells a story and presides over the action. The players each assume the role of a character and then interact, i.e. role-play, as the game unfolds. The scene is set with the lore presented in the Player’s Rulebook and expanded upon in other MML products. When combined with the imagination of the GM and players, the world comes alive with an adventure that is fantastic, yet not overdone.

MML is a fantasy role-playing game that combines rich detail, a realistic feel, and an immersive environment with a playable and fast paced set of rules. The system is versatile, flexible and scalable. While it can be used to replicate the brutal effects of gladiatorial combat, it can also be used to simulate realistic feeling confrontations in a fantasy-based setting.

Because the system is so flexible, Metal, Magic and Lore can take the player to many different settings from the role-playing of heroic fantasy to the details of historical recreation. Despite the hefty feel and appearance of our Player’s Rulebook, the rules have proven easy to use and easy to learn; many games are up and running in a few minutes.

Edition: 1st

Publisher: 5th Epoch Publishing

Default Rule System: Metal Magic and Lore (1st)

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