Spacemaster: Privateers

The panel exploded in a glowing crash of sparks. Mrralff cursed violently, waiting for the diagnostics to flicker across his screen. He breathed a sigh of relief. Nothing was damaged that did not have a redundant system.

Their relative velocities had carried Mrralff and his enemy far apart. It would take a
moment for the Jeronan to pull his craft back into a firing position. but only a moment. The computer was still fighting to orient after the torpedo impact. His father, when training him to fly, had been very clear on the matter “Recover the tumble within 3 seconds or I’ll beat you until you’re unconscious.” His ISC flight instructor had been more helpful. “When your gimbals are out and you dont ‘t have time to tackle roll, pitch and yawl one at a time, just pick a point in the sky fly toward it. Easier said than done.

Spacemaster Privateers is the perfect way to start your adventures with the ultimate science fiction role playing system. In the dynamic Privateers setting. you and your players play a part in the last, desperate gamble to win a war against an evil driven by insanity.

Everything you need to play combat– character creation, a complete setting, starships. and even psychic powers can be found in the pages of this one book!

Once you’re up and running. other Spacemaster support books add even more flavor, detail, and action to your game.
The wonders of the future can be yours today!

Edition: 3rd

Publisher: Iron Crown Enterprises

Default Rule System: Spacemaster: Privateers (3rd)

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