Rappan Athuk

From the nefarious black skeletons to the lair of the arch-lich Zelkor, Rappan Athuk is the most famous and feared dungeon in all the lands. Do you seek the mithril gates? Or perhaps the ring of the sorcerer Akbeth? Does your quest take you to Hell itself? Then you have come to the right place. A pity you wont be staying long.

(From http://index.rpg.net/display-entry.phtml?mainid=7075 )

Edition: 1st

Publisher: Necromancer Games

Default Rule System: D20

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Rappan Awaits Setting: Rappan Athuk GM: Westin_tinyAndrew (Ampersandrew)
Rappan Athuk - Dungeon of Graves
Setting: Rappan Athuk GM: Me_tinyMythforger (Nhytewulf)