The world of Tarnaclese is still recovering from the events of the Time of the Chosen, only a hundred years past. When the Chosen of the gods walked the lands, mighty deeds shook the world, and although for some there was peace and prosperity, for most there was only the endless fear that those mighty deeds might bring mighty destruction and disturbance. War raged across the entire continent as the Chosen raised armies, either to conquer or defend. Brother turned against brother, betrayal was rife among the powerful, and the common man was trodden under the feet of giants. Dragons were less to be feared than a Chosen bent on making history. Out of this chaos was eventually born the current kingdoms, but also out of it came a distrust of those wielding great power. Higher magical learning was banned, great schools of swordsmanship were burned to the ground and forbidden, and many times, those calling themselves "adventurers" were stoned to death.
Fortunately after a few generations some of this fervor against adventurers faded, but people do still tend to fear (rather than admire) those mad enough to risk life and limb for loot.
Recent events have begun to awaken murmurs of a return of the Chosen; and rumors of a dark prophecy foretelling a great calamity have begun to circulate. Into this atmosphere of a brewing storm are born our mighty heroes.

Edition: 3/3.5

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