Setting Directory

Setting (sort) Edition Rule System (sort) Rules Edition Campaigns
Spinward Marsches Traveller (MgT) 1
Spirit of the Century 3rd Fate RPG system 3rd 2
Spirit Storm 5ER 0
Star Trek 1st ICON System 1st 1
Star Trek RPG 1st CODA System 1st 3
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1st ICON System 1st 0
Star Trek: The Next Generation 1st ICON System 1st 0
Star Trek: Voyager 1st ICON System 1st 0
Star Wars 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded D6 System 2nd 17
Star Wars 1.0 0
Star Wars 1.0 0
Star Wars Saga Edition 2
Star Wars Legacy Era D20 4 6
Star Wars Edge of the Empire 2
Star Wars Saga Edition 0
Star Wars: Clone Wars Saga D20 Saga 7
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Saga D20 Saga 9
Star Wars: Rebellion Era Saga D20 Saga 32
Star*Drive 1st Alternity 1st 1
Stargate Modern Alternative only 1 it is a once off 1
Stargate SG1 Spycraft D20 1
Stars Without Number Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons & Dragons 1st 7
Starwars D20 7
Starwars Saga D20 Saga 21
Stormbringer 5th Basic Roleplaying 1st 3