The Year of the Rogue Dragons (1373)

Shadowdale is an attractive community to adventuring companies and heroes. The town straddles the North Ride, the road which runs from Shadow Gap (and beyond to Cormyr) to Voonlar (gateway to the Moonsea), and as such sees a regular trade between these two regions. Within the past decade, the abandonment of Cormanthor by the elves due to the elven Retreat has increased the interest in exploring the formerly forbidden depths of the deep woods. Lastly, the entire area surrounding Shadowdale is riddled with ruins and underground passages, often occupied by foul creatures hostile to humankind.

Shadowdale forms a suitable base camp for explorers and adventuring companies working in the area.

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Recap of first night.
Aramil was looking for adventures to join him in exploring the area under the Tower of Ashaba. Taklinn Hillstead was also looking for help to find his kin. Aramil and Taklin joined by Charming Millstone and Chosun and made their way into depths of the Tower of Ashaba.

They first encountered trouble on a narrow wet bridge that spaned a chasm. Aramil and Chosun made it across with no trouble. With the help of rope Taklin was able to make it across after falling half way down and being pulled up. However Charming fell down and was seriously hurt. She was carrying some potions which some broke. Two of the broken ones happen to have cure wounds potions which healed Charming. She was able to make it back up with the help of her comrades.

The first monster encounter was with two Quaggoths which suprised the adventures. They were fairly easily killed but Chosun was stuck by a sword covered in sleeping poison. He did not awaken for 5 hours.

The adventures then wandered through many tunnels that seemed to meander in many directions, taking them in circles or to dead ends. They encounter some Moray Rats and found treasure along the way.

They almost didn't make it when they came upon a Half-orc and his 5 Boogin soldiers. After much fighting and using all of the remaining Cure Wounds potions they were able to defeat the Boogins. The Half-orc had run off after seeing his soldiers die.

Now the party rests in a safe location for the night.
Session: Game Session - Friday, Nov 07 2014 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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