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Scrolls and the Staff of Fireballs

Are you a magic user that can use a scroll? I will compose scrolls free of charge to party members. Here's a list of spells that I know, which are in my spell book:

•Mage Hand


•Ray of Frost

•Burning Hands

•Charm Person

•Feather Fall

•Mage Armor

•Magic Missile



•Arcane Lock


•Hold Person



•Melf's Acid Arrow

I may have more spells available from the Roper. I don't have a complete list yet, but the above should be a good start.

(Additionally, when I cannot make a game, a magic user in the group can use my Staff of Fireballs. Dosk doesn't have a problem with lending it out. Just don't loose it!)
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Dec 07 2014 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Recently some of us were gifted (afflicted) with odd dreams or visions. Record them here so we can glean some insight perhaps.
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Map Found!
This map was found in the chambers of Frulam Mondath.
(DM Note. This map gives options for side questing with alt or new characters if desired. No, it is not canon to the module)

While the Barbarian Killik, The Mage Dosk and the Bard Diesa made sure there would be no suprises by returning cultists from the outside. They did discovery during that time by also searching the abandoned camp many interesting (matter of opinion) items that had been left behind.

The Party advanced deeper into the caves, defeating more cultists, a cult leader and the Blue Half Dragon from the village. Able to avoid the traps in the room with the statue of Tiamat, they proceeded to chop apart a good number of kobolds before the Ranger believed to have smelled a Dragon somewhere deep in the caves.

The Ranger has scouted ahead to find the location of the Dragon to be eaten.. Ahem.. sorry about that.. to find the best way for the group to assault it and be eaten. What will the party do while the ranger is away being made into Ranger-Souvlaki..(Or Ranger Kabob)..

Shall the party clear the area away from the soon to be feasting Dragon? Shall they Delve deeper into the cave of the bats? That and much more this Sunday!

And now, for the weekly wandering monster bonus roll! Should I roll a 1, then the party will be attacked first thing out of the gate.. and
d12 => [5] = 5
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d12 => [5] = 5
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The only think you DM really hates...
Writing journal entries! Someone want to do that? Or your going to get haiku.

Town, Safe, Free
Gained a house and buried the dead
Botched negotiation, arrow filed warlock

Up the slope
A big dark cave slaying the foe
the foe dead are no more

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The Tower Duel!
Healed by the priests in the tower, the Mayor of the besieged down came to the party thanking them for all of their assistance to this point and begged them to aid him once more. He led them up to the top of the tower and they saw that half of the town was in ruins. One think however was immediately noted was that there was no more raiders, only a blue Half Dragon with his winged kobold minions standing in front of the tower. They held an adult woman and three children hostage. A sergeant of the guard was having to be physically restrained as he yelled that that was his sister in law and her children. The Half Dragon spoke.

"We have gotten what we came after but now, I will duel your champion. Or I will slay these hostages. In order to prove my word, I will release one of the children but slay the rest should you disregard my request" With that he signaled to his minions and they released the youngest who ran to the tower crying. IT was only seconds before one spoke up. Raven, the Warlock. "I will fight you" he called forth, ignoring the groans and facepalms of the rest of the party.
"So be it!" replied the Half Dragon. "You have chosen"

Meeting in the courtyard in front of the tower the Half Dragon released the other two children.
"Release the Woman" Raven said.
"She is my insurance that the rest of you don't cheat" Replied the Half Dragon. "Also, the fallen is retrieved by his comrades."
"Agreed" said raven.
"Then.." began the Half Dragon, "Lay on!"
And the fight commenced.
(To be continued)
Session: Tyranny of Dragons - Sunday, Oct 26 2014 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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