Our world was once whole. A cataclysm struck at some point in the past, the precise details of which have been lost in the mists of time. We yet survive, though our world is a series of floating islands, some as large as a small continent others barely large enough to stand on, floating through the skies.

We have adapted. Skyships travel between islands but, as with all things, along with trade routes come pirates. Will we survive? Only time will tell...

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Ironslayer Vault opened.
To the Minister of Finance, House Shortstout

I am pleased to inform you that the adventurers I spoke with you about were successful in helping me to find and open the vault in Diamondsworn Hall.

While there, we encountered a group of troglodytes that had taken up residence and had, apparently, already looted the vault. My compatriots made quick work of them, and we recovered as much of the loot as we could from their lair.

Also, there was a wyvern that had created a lair in the tunnel, and the vault itself had broken away from the main isle so getting to it was something of a task. In addition to Item 3342 was retrieved.

It also appears there might be a ghost problem within the hall.

Yours in gold,
Gallin Ironslayer
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Make sure you read the Campaign Introduction under the Wiki as well as that wiki's child wikis. This will give you the infos you need for the game world.
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