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    Jean Luc Pikaw Kenku/M
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    DM M
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    Ducky Forrest Gnome/F/Paladin
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    Barakas Demon Child/M/Ranger/4
    "My Son is my life."
    Description:In a long trench coat encrusted with layers of mud and blood, the figure emerges before you. The smell of foliage or fresh cut grass seems to permeate the air. He staggers into the light. With one callus ridden hand he nurses a frosted bottle of ale, tiny icicles formed at the bottom of it. On th...
    Background:That's for me to know and you to find out LADDIE
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    Fortuna Eahta Half-elf/F/Rogue Warlock/IV
    "As above, so below"

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