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Time to get cracking....
I am reminded that not very long ago, I was growing out of my shell. A tiny scaling I was. I am reminded because I still carry a remnant of that shell near my first heart. To keep me centered. Focused.


Many years later, with much training behind me, I find myself with a team that allows me to inspire them, to tactically guide them in critical moments, and to help bring us all to victory. And here I am again, growing out of another shell. Coming to a new age. No longer just a scaling, I am tried and tested in the blood of true battle. We are set upon by a real foe, a threat that stretches me beyond my training. Cracks my shell. I am growing.

I tense my bow, and feel its strength. It is a bow I know as well as my hand, maybe better. Someday it will break. It is inevitable. As will I. Someday, the battle will overcome me. It almost has already. But that which does not slay me strengthens me. So it is with my bow. The sinew seems tighter, the string more taut. Even patient. And now I have found that it will wait for me. As I wait. As I wait for the last possible moment, and hone in on the most potent, vital shot I can take with it. To make the wound all the more harrowing.

Now cracking this new shell, I have found that my touch alone can inspire even an Eladrin Paladin. He was beaten down by a hobgoblin and his nasty little drake today, and I simply touched him. Roused him from the drowsiness of near-death and helped him stand again against our enemies. Shoulder to shoulder we beat them down. First that hobgoblin soldier, and then his drake.

But even though we are victorious and well, and we are gathering the fruits of our conquest, I feel the fatigue.

I am torn, though. Can we really risk the time to rest? Lives hang in the balance. There is a rumor that reinforcements are due to arrive and join the army of this new Red Hand leader named Sinruth. We hear his name more and more now. His minions are fiercely loyal. They die with his name on their breath. Even the gnome that escaped used his name as a taunt.

He is certainly no common hobgoblin. He has made a base of this crypt. He seems to have taken over all quarters of it. In some cases, he has allied with other monsters and creatures of other races. He is dangerous that way.

We know we do not face just hobgoblins loyal to him. We face ogres, gnomes, ettercaps, goblins, and hobgoblins. He is bringing them together to fight together against us. He is dangerous.

I wonder why he has chosen this place to make his new home. Was it random? Was it the first place he found? It certainly seems in places to have its own notorious history. There are latent magics that have troubled us: Fire-spewing braziers, harmful sygils on the ground, a large glyph that can imprison and harm its captive. We have found some kind of one-way portal to a world of shadow, and in the distance we can see a fell castle.

And yet, we have also found clean, pure water. This crypt is a bit of a conundrum. Why would one need clean, pure water in a crypt that is home to some who apparently seek the favor of the god of the undead?

I am sure Sinruth makes use of the clean water for his ranks. That is not a safe place to rest. I am sure he is aware we are here. I am sure that the hourglass of opportunity is running out. We have some chance right now to continue to press our offensive. We have some chance to keep them off balance. But now, if we take the time to rest, what will happen to the remaining hostages? Will this Sinruth have a chance to bolster his ranks? Will we lose any advantage we have now?

Perhaps we need a new strategy. Perhaps we need to find a way to use what we have here to our advantage. Maybe there is some way to use this crypt against their own inhabitants.

Can we divide and conquer?

I think we have some more securing to do first. There is still a doorway and hallway to make sure we have explored and secured...and then a staicase is all the remains to explore.

I wonder if we can find a way to make them come to us. We set the terms. We don't know how many more we can we pull them away in numbers we can easily manage? How else can we take them on in our fatigued states?
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