The adventurers awaken within the walls of the eerie Briarstone Asylum, their minds wracked and memories missing. As they work together to recover their missing time, they soon learn that the cause of their eerie amnesia is but a symptom of a much greater cosmic menace. As they struggle to retain their sanity, the heroes must ally with other asylum residents and fight against the monstrosities that have taken over the asylum and plunged it into nightmare. Can the adventurers defeat the terror that stalks the halls and free themselves from their prison of madness?

Strange Eons happens in Ustalav.

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The Havak within
Havak laughs heartily as he slams his mug to the makeshift bar in the underneath of the ship. The crew member who had challenged him to the drink contest slamming to the ground soon after his mug.
"Better luck next time lad." Havak laughed through his whiskey and ale soaked beard. His hand grabbing the gem he had just gained from the ghouls and the crew members coin purse as he drunkenly raises from the bar. Stumbling he makes his way topside as he tucks his winnings into his armor. Once on the top of the ship he hazily looks around for a secluded area and finding one he sits down. Sighing he runs his gloved hand through his beard and licks the remnants of alcohol off of his fingers.
"I have ta figure out how ta get that little shite his coin purse back without him knowin I did it." Havak says to himself through a burp. He shakes his head half to wake himself back up and half in disappointment. Havak had always been pretty uncouth and a bit of a trouble maker but ever since he had woken up in the asylum he had felt different. He still had a wild streak about him but most of his other actions had been mostly an act.He sighed again as he thought about his inability to protect the little grippli from the ghouls.
"At least I protected my brother." He said out loud to himself as his gloved hand traces the spikes on his armor. Protecting his foster brother had always been important to him but now he felt responsible for the rest of the members of the party. The conflict within him now though was to keep up appearances while trying his best to be a protector. At that moment Pace and Samuel appear on deck walking towards Havak's position. Havak sighed again standing.
"You two lovers out on a midnight stroll?"
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Count Lowl's Books

Atop The Valley's Soul

What is the soul and what makes it stand out? According to pertinent opinion, the soul is the spiritual center of a thinking creature. Some philosophers are also of the opinion that constructs or structures in rare cases can also develop a soul. In this work, the author addresses these critical questions and attempts to break down these numerous theories for either prove or invalidate them.

The Codex Of Three Prescriptions

Ancient and powerful magic lingers on the three rune stones that connect three great necropolises of the underworld. Where do they come from and what power did the ancient kings draw from them? This treatise tries to answer all these questions and might open your eyes.

Curses Of The Black Lake

Arventon was once a flourishing city of the Dreamlands before it was cursed by the Black Lake. All life ended and all inhabitants who did not freeze to pottery now roam where turned into undead, cursed to to roam the empty streets in never-ending hunger. What sins have the inhabitants taken upon themselves for this terrible curse?

Dichotomous Translation of Aklo Syntax

The language of the fey is like the small folk itself: moody and constantly changing. Sentences that open all doors to someone on a specific occasion place may trigger a blood feud if the wrong emphasis is placed. This set of rules will help you practicing the language and to master the subtleties of expression.

Through The Spirals Of Time

Time is described and perceived by many Scholars of this and other spheres as a linear phenomenon. But there are places and worlds that seem to contradict these laws of physics. The most potent example is Celephais. Here, the elements of time seem to be rearranged so that they can both astonish and confuse the mind. On this basis, some well-known Scholars question the knowledge they believe to know about the structure of time.

Emotions Of The Past

For over a year I was a slave of Captain Vadrak and was forced to serve on his cursed ship. This journal describes my path of suffering from the first hour to the day of my glorious escape and the regaining of my freedom.

The Falling Silk

While "The pillars of power" is dealing with the great aristocratic houses and rulers of the Dreamlands, the author in this volume would rather like to deal with the caste of diplomats, advisers and ambassadors. During the study of this work, you will learn many interesting and astonishing things not only about these historical persons themselves, but you will also be able to see the finesse with which alliances have been forged or destroyed.

Festival Of The Snake

The Festival of the Snake honors no one less than the mighty water lizard Bokrug, one of the most powerful of the great and ancient gods. Created to appease this mighty deity in her boundless rage of destruction, the festivity follows a strictly dogmatic process that has been handed down orally from generation to generation. With this text, the complicated ritual is for the first time stored in written form.

The Forgotten Servants

Even in scholars' circles, the history of Ib is an almost lost myth. Little is known about the once numerous servants of the great water lizard. Where did they come from, how did they live, and why were they abandoned by their patron in the hour of greatest need? What about the mystical idol statue, which never seems to stay in one place for very long? Immerse yourself in the secrets of a long past culture!

The Illusion Of The Weeping Ones

Sarnath has always been considered a memorial for all peoples and cultures. The inhabitants of this city, about which people dares to speak even today only in whispers, had to endure the suffering that they brought about the city of Ib. The aim of this chronicle is to reconstruct the last days of the city of Sarnath as precisely as possible and to record them for posterity.

In Admiration Of Keeping Pacts

Whether with a mortal or an external being, making pacts is a complicated process that often involves risk for the one creating a pact. The art of masterly creating a pact often lies in the detail of the accompanying formulations. Learn from leading diplomats of the Dreamlands common and pertinent treaty bases and discover rhetorical loops and stumbling blocks when encountered.

Manual of Silence

Undead are usually considered horrors and monstrosities, which have nothing but destruction and downfall of the living in mind. Nevertheless, if you take a closer look, there are sometimes very complicated and nested social structures. Looking at ghoul society, one will be amazed how little their social structures are different from the others. In addition, the author puts forward the thesis that this species of the undead could in many respects be far superior to ours.

Men and Vultures: Denizens of the Darkened Depths and Dead Skies

What are aberrations and how exactly do they occur? Are they really all the creatures of confused magicians and scholars? Or is it possible that they too are part of the creative power of nature and that they differ only from their grotesque appearance from the other mammals. This encyclopedia is not only a collection of all known and peculiar aberrations, it also deals with all ethical and philosophical questions which accompany the handling of such creatures.

Monuments Of The Forest

The forest - a symbol of nature and the forces connected with it. The forest gives life, but can cause death just as quickly. The monuments of the forest, which once brought the seed of the World Tree to blossom and nourishes it until today, are inhabited by all kinds of fairies and magical beings. Few mortals can claim to have ever seen the splendor of this place. Get ready for a magical journey into life itself.

The Shadow┬┤s Ship

The Bloodwind! One of the best-known and most feared ships of the Dreamlands has to tell a scary and fascinating story. This work is devoted to one of the last unanswered questions: where does this ship come from and who created it? In the course of his research, the author was able to reveal some important clues that could support his theses on these questions.

Shards of Sight

The desire for knowledge is the driving motivation for most scholars. Many people move into the world in search of the right answers, but only a few know how to ask the right questions. Many, on the other hand, fail to climb the pillars of knowledge. The inhabitants of the cursed Arventon also believed in their arrogance that they had deciphered all the secrets of life and death when they faced oblivion. However, time has always proven to us that the ultimate truth is a lie.

Spiders of Sin and Sky

Hardly a creature is as indestructible and adaptable as the species of the arachnoids. These robust creatures can exist and thrive even in the most unreal and life-despicable regions of the world. Its poison is already used in many areas of medicine and there are supposed to be various cults that see these creatures as sacred creatures.

Theological Agreements Of The Kingdom

A new edition of the 1646 theological manifestos of the United Kingdom. Written, approved and signed by his majesty.

Tigers and Flies

The tiger, beside the lion, is considered one of the rulers of the animal world. Many different subspecies of this wildcat inhabit the different regions of the Dreamlands and other worlds beyond. This book deals with the very rare species of the forest tiger. This subspecies of this predator has adapted itself perfectly to forest environments.

The Unified Manual Of Understanding

Volume 3 of the Chronicles of the Underworld. In this volume, the author deals with the rise and fall of the scholar Shazzira, one of the most brilliant thinkers of his people. Not only his very daring and controversial theses are taken into consideration, this book will shine a light on his allies and political enemies who once plunged him and his entire house into ruin.

Voyage Of The Rainbow Servant

Little is known about this traveler and his origin. Some claim that he is a resident of Leng, others suspect that he was a creature from the fairy kingdom, and yet others are sure that this figure never existed. Whoever he may have been: his stories about the sea and adventures have remained in our minds to this day. This volume contains all travelogues of the sagas of the shrouded Rainbow Servant. The resourceful reader should decide for himself whether they are true stories or just vivid imagination.

The Wise Harmony

The life and work of druids and their equals belongs to one of the greatest myths of our time. Hardly any of your well-kept secrets found their way into the outside world. If this should happen under rare circumstances, most uninitiated people will be able to draw little or no information from this knowledge. What connection do these ancient guardians have to their forests, valleys and lakes?
Session: Dreams of the Yellow King, Session 1 - Saturday, Jan 19 2019 from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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The Crew of the Sellen Starling
Loyal, outgoing, and honest, Skywin Freeling is the captain of the keelboat the Sellen Starling. Her checkered past as a revolutionary and pirate seems behind her now as she plies the waters of the Sellen Passage, but Skywin remains ready to leap to the defense of the downtrodden or needy. Outgoing, outspoken, and honest to a fault, Skywin is so unfailingly good-hearted that her friends agree she is all bark and no bite. Though muscular, she stands barely 3 feet tall. Her large eyes are a deep blue that contrasts with her tawny skin. She keeps her curly mass of auburn hair in a messy bun at the back of her head, and her clothing is utilitarian, usually consisting of a brown tunic and leggings under a chain shirt. The ever-present buckler on her left arm and the rapier sheathed at her waist indicate her readiness to leap into melee if necessary.

As sailors are often named for what they do, Adrien Scrimshander is a scrimshaw expert. Almost every minute of his free time, the big man can be found sitting on a little crate whittling wonders out of fish bones. One would think that person with such a fearsome mien would have a more violent hobby, but he is more than content with his favorite past time. He dreams to one day make a masterpiece out of a whale bone if he can ever get to the open seas, and the others jest that they would pay his weight in gold to see him reel one in with his bare hands.

Baragus "Rags" Harangue is a middle-aged veteran that keeps a slovenly appearance, but is surprisingly well-spoken and well-mannered. Uncomfortable with the restrictiveness of armor, he prefers to go into battle bare-chested, but considering he survived thus far he clearly must be doing something right.

Ciprian Manalapin is a young man of mixed Taldan and Tian descent, this upstart from Absalom seems to be excited about everything he sees and does. His unbridled enthusiasm is commendable, albeit annoying, but at least he keeps spirits up on long voyages. If he could only lose the lisp, on top of his accent, maybe he'd be more likable.

Dark of skin and hair, Corbin Dio's ridiculous mustache has earned an eponymous name; some of the other crew members have tried to grow "The Dio" just to see if they can match its complicated swirls, but all have miserably failed. There have been some rumors that he uses some special alchemical tincture to keep it all together, be he has categorically denied that claim. He is bald except for that curly-cue mustache that he loves so much.

The artist known as "Nicky" is an aspiring cartographer. She has a steady hand even in rough waters, and her attention to detail is astonishing. She has a bright future ahead of her, and all aboard believe she will one day be known as one the greatest mapmakers of all time. Behind her back, they call her Finicky is jest because of her careful cautious manner, but they would never let her know that they say such a thing.

Some question his loyalty to the ship. Not because Hortimer Podein hails from Galt, a land where loyalty is another form off currency and often exchanged as such, but because this craft is the eleventh one he's served on. However, no one can doubt his ability to do his duties, and he is a gifted rigger.

Laramie Kidane has been trying to get rid of her nickname, "Dainty", for quite some time now, considering she's a tomboy with an alto voice. Even more to the point, her violent tendencies in combat have served to sway others from poking fun at her, afraid that she will poke them back with more than a rapier wit.

Mister Getis is an old salt, in every way. He talks little, but when he does it's some form of complaint, sarcasm, or otherwise veiled insult. He's limber despite his age, and is still quite an able swab, but don't get on his bad side lest you want find yourself the target of his toothy sneer.

Don't touch Moe's tricorne hat. It belonged to her father (of the same name) who was a Shackles pirate, and an infamous one at that. He even crewed aboard a ship with the Hurricane King himself a few decades back, and died in his service. In fact, almost her entire family line consisted sailors from the Sodden Lands, going back to before the Eye of Abendego was formed. Some of the crew are little put off by the piracy that runs in Moe's blood, but that

Moylan Doyle is the first mate and is a blade bravo who has bested all he has ever faced, in training or the real deal. Constantly seeking to improve, he never hesitates to draw steel, flashing his winning smile along with his blade. He brags to have been trained by and Aldori Swordlord, and even though he doesn't use the preferred weapon of the fencers from Brevoy, his deft hands surely belie that claim.

Skinny Wyatt is a thief. Plain and simple. He can't help himself. It's gotten to the point where daily searches of his person are mandatory, and almost every trinket that has been reported missing has tumbled out of one of his many pockets. Although he seems to feel no remorse, often reacting with a mere shrug in place of an apology, it's clear to the others that he doesn't do it maliciously, or with intent to pawn the items off at their next stop. He just can't keep his damn hands to himself.

Timothy James is a proper Taldan man, he is an anomaly on this vessel. His attire and demeanor befit a larger, more opulent vessel, but for reasons unknown (and probably better left that way) he is decidedly happy serving aboard this one. Of all the others, he talks the most about his family. He laments not being able to spend more time with his wife and daughter, but he is happy that this route will be taking them back to Cassomir where he can see them for the first time this year.
Session: Dreams of the Yellow King, Session 1 - Saturday, Jan 19 2019 from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Make Sure Your Character Is As Fun To Play With, As They Are To Play
This should be required reading for everyone.... Make Sure Your Character Is As Fun To Play With, As They Are To Play
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A Case of Missing Persons
"How do you miss someone yain't never met before...?" Ivy wondered as she looked at the words written on the letter addressed to her. Found in the dusty, unused bedroom, furniture set for a child, it detailed the forlorn misgivings of a woman Ivy could not remember, yet could feel plain as day. In that moment, like never before, it pained her that she couldn't read the words of the letter herself. The professor Samuel Dargent had had to read it to her, which only made the hound-woman all the more self-conscious. But it was better that the group know what was on her mind, so she could confide in them just as she would wish them to confide in her.

"She says she ain't never met me before, but these are awful purdy words for someone who ain't never touched someone! I don't know what to think... I ain't one fer gettin high n mighty, even if muh ma n pa mightabeen see-less-teals, so it makes me feel real bad that she thinks she's not good enough fer me... I... I wanna help her. She had her memories taken away too and she sounds like she feels Lowls got some explaining to do too. Maybe, just maybe, someone who can admit they're evil, or that they've done evil things before but can't anymore, is on the first step to re-deemin themselves?"

"I dunno. This here Risi person sounds like she could be good... she just needs some help is all. And sometimes? Doing the right thing ain't just swinging a sword or nocking an arrow. Sometimes, doing the right thing is being there for someone when they need you most. She says she ain't never met me before but she soundin' awful fah-milure. And if what Pace's friend said is true, then we worked together n she jess don't 'member it, just like I don't remember it. I don't know. The story ain't really none too clear. But I hope we meet again. I hope she'll listen to me. And I hope Erastil will give me the right words to say, to show she could be on our side too, if only she'd wish it. It sounds like she could use a friend, and I wanna try to be that friend for her."
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