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Day of Firsts!
How intriguing! I was taking a break from my research and noticed a headline in the local newspapers. There seems to be strange things afoot! In my very neighborhood! Sitings of strange occurrences and folk! And some in the ocean, no less!
There was a ship that supposedly sank due to a giant sea monster! Straight out of mythology! And the group that helped fight off this monster seemed like heroes of legend, also! Flying bathysphere? That seems right up my alley!
I MUST investigate!
I found out the location of the supposed ship sinking, but I was unable to find any wreckage or sign of the incident, at all. The waters in the area were a bit churned, but the bottom of the ocean revealed no clues. No bodies of humans OR unusual creatures. Such a shame! I would have loved to have found some evidence of a new sort of underwater creature! Science is always finding wonderful new things!
I shall have to scour the newspapers and airwaves for further indications of siting of these folks! Imagine the possibilities!
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