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Casefile 0002: The Mole People
The CBS television channel has been building a new broadcast center in the city over the last few months, but construction has ground to a halt as a night watchman on the site vanished under mysterious circumstances.

Lee Belardino (see file) vanished last night and a large tunnel has opened under the construction.

The police were investigating when the tunnel opened and an officer has gone missing as well.

A new player, (Man-O-War -- see file) did a fine job of keeping the police attention at the scene away from it, but the Team didn't take advantage of the distraction provided to slip past. They instead made their standing with the police even worse when they confronted the officers and then used their government connections (Greyhound -- see file) to strong-arm the police out the way. Detectice Bishop will likely use that against them later.

In any event, all of us wound up on the trail of the missing officer.

-- side note about team dynamics--Jim Lariat (see file) seems to have left the team on their own for the moment. I'd expected that Achilles (see file) might have stepped up and made himself leader, but he seems to have little capacity for running a group of "equals". Next I thought Zap (see file) might, but she is content to let them follow behind her-- as shown by her willingness to move beyond communications range. -- the team needs a strong voice to keep them from turning into cannonballs all pointed similar directions

The tunnel seemed to have been dug, but not machine made. There was enough room for the "vehicle" Man-O-War was piloting in it. I confess I was thinking of gigantic worms or perhaps moles just from examining the tunnel.

I was a little off on scale. They turned out to be humanoid moles, but only slightly larger than human average (7-8 feet tall). Obviously possessed of intelligence to some scale and able to use not only primitive tools but weapons that were more advanced than any seen in military use today. Hand-held magnetic spike guns and devices that emit low yield Ultraviolet light (they seem bothered by the surface light or daylight) "torches". Trmendously strong and armed with claws that seem equally adept at tunneling through stone and flesh.

There seems to be a whole settlement of them down here. We recovered the missing cop, but so far no sign of Belardino. We did find evidence of a plan to saboutage the off-shore oil fields.

Pulled back to re-assess the situation and determine what a proper response ought to be.

Session: A Strange Disappearance - Tuesday, Apr 21 2015 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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