The world of Faeric is an old one, settled in various stages by races from all over the etherseas, and about which once orbited an old moon which now lies shattered at the heart of the world and in a glittering belt around it as a new moon watches coolly and blackly from its perch in endless night.

In ages past humanity once strode between the stars, confident in its might and glory, but now lies reduced and forced into a centuries long uneasy peace with the earlier settlers of Faeric.

Now, in an age abandoned by the light of hope, what future awaits those who dwell on a planet girtled in white? What greater darknesses lurk in the shadows?

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And So A New Tale Begins
The year is 1498 A.S. The nations of Faeric have finally begun to climb out of the feudal societies inflicted upon them by the seizure and removal of most of the technology they had possessed at the end of the Settlement War, and for the last century and a half dwarven artisans have successfully sent airships flying gracefully through the skies.

Though the rebuilding of the societies damaged by the events of the Settling continues apace, new and old shadows surge at the corners of civilization presenting new threats and new opportunities to those brave enough to combat them.

The savage peoples of the Eastern Continent have begun raiding for slaves along the coastal territories of the countries of the Shattered Continent and rumors of fell beasts in the shape of dragons harassing not only the halfling communities but those of the dragonborn servants of the true dragons of Faeric, who slumber anew after the carnage wrought by the Shattering. These things and more herald the siren call of adventure, and it is why you and your companions have all found yourselves riding an airship en route to Alynnus, the great capital of the nation of the same name. Rumors have spread far and wide of a great naval fleet being assembled to explore the Eastern Continent and find those responsible for the slaving raids and put an end to them.

But first you must get there, and something strikes you as strange about the crew of this airship. Though the ship itself is in the finest of conditions, something about the majority of the crew seems somewhat strange to you despite all of the crew being dwarves, naturally.
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