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I have Been A GM and Roleplayer Since 1984
D&D Blue Box & Red Box / AD&D 1st-2nd Edition / Rolemaster 2nd ed/Classic / Spacemaster / Shadowrun 3rd-4th / Gurps 2-3rd / Jorune / Champions/Hero (Supers, hero, Fantasy) / Wathammer Fantasy 1st edition (in the 80s) / D&D 3.x (very shortly didn't like it) / Hackmaster 4th-5th ed. / Aces & 8s / WEG Star Wars / FFG Star Wars

I currently Run a Hackmaster Game face to face, a Rolemaster Game Online and several Play by Post using Hackmaster, Role Master, and FFG Star Wars. And I have 1 Face to Face FFG Star Wars Game.

In My teens and early 20s I was a Cook at several restaurants. I Drove truck over the road for 13 years, Was a Pharmacy technician for 5 years.

Currently, Due to some health Issues I stay home, take care of My daughter and Write Stories, Adventures and Run games.

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