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Systems I like:
various (but not all) D20, b/e/c/m/i D&D, oWOD, Ars Magica, FATE (especially Spirit of the Century); and damn it, yes, I like the old Rolemaster system, I just wouldn't want to teach it to a newbie.

Settings I like:
Mystarra; Real world except...; Traveller Imperium; many Home-brewed ones; Ars Magica; Thea; Fading Suns or even Dune itself; Amber

Other gaming mentions...
Hurrah for Talisman Studios; Planescape:Torment is still the best CRPG yet made; the GM is not your enemy; GURPS supplements yes please, but not the GURPS system; open-ended character development not limited potential please; Characters should be extraordinary people in their time, not ordinary people.

Quote for now:
Launch the cats!
Finn want me establish communications

I don't like:
Creating three characters in a weekend, or even worse, an evening: any game that lethal I don't need to play.
Systems that reward or force out-of-character behaviour. (I'm looking at you Runequest, where there's a good reason to swap weapons mid-fight just to get skill ticks)
Any system which doesn't let a character change and advance over time. (Classic Traveller).
4th Edition claiming to be D&D.


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