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Hi all,
I'm Tony Strongman, One of a team of IT Guy's at a further education college here in Hertfordshire, UK. A little about why I am on this site... I used to love P&P games and I still keep in touch with what's happening in that world. I'm currently playing more video games when I get the time around work and other hobbies (woodwork, fishing, socials, etc)

I used to play, but mainly GM/DM lots of games including AD&D, D&D3,3.5, Cthulhu, random D20 stuff, Traveller, GURPS, MERPS, Shadowrun, Dawnforge, etc... and must have started P&P gaming with WHFRP about 20 odd years ago.

As I wrote above, in recent years I've gotten married, then divorced, also started earning money, etc... Now I find myself paying off crap from those dark bygone years and playing computer games/doing anything to keep me busy. I'm still interested in P&P tabletop gaming but it seems my old groups are not (I used to game with 4 seperate groups that sometimes mingled together in a crisis)Every now and then one of them will bring up the idea of gaming again. We will recount annecdotes of games from the past but the flame is soon extinguished as we realise that there is more going on in our lives already that is more than unhealthy so adding another time sink activity may be too much burden.

So if I happen across a group near me and get interested enough I could well be persuaded to don my Evil GM Cap of Doom and play again. For now, as I write this I am not actively seeking a group, just purely interested in what this site has to offer as it looks pretty handy!

Here's to the gamers young and old! Drink, Play, Eat and be merry!

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