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I started playing AD&D at 10 years old, on a school bus with a buddy. Those morning games were just me and my DM. No dice, no books, no character sheets. My DM new the rules of the game and just coached me on what I could and could not do. A few months later I played in my first official group with all the standard things that go along with it. For a year I just played, and played, and played. Then my DM moved away leaving our group with no way to play. My mother decided that she was tired of me looking downtrodden every weekend and took mercy on me. She bought me the three core books and the Deities and Demigods. I read constantly and eventually felt I knew all there was to know (boy was I wrong! Still learning to this day.) I started a group of my own and thus began my 27 year career as a DM. I have played every version of D&D out there except for 4E, which just went in a direction I didn't care for. Now I have a Wife and 4 kids, 3 out on their own and 1 still at home. Finding time to play my favorite hobby gets harder and harder, though my wonderful Wife always understands my need to go and enjoy some time in other worlds. Playing online gives my an outlet that does not take me out of the home and thus makes gaming just a bit easier to fit into my life.


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