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The last son of a dead planet, the Evil Writer spent diggity-seven years learning Word-Fu in an ancient Kuzbanian monastery. He had to say diggity because Vecna stole the word for twenty, and he had to chance him diggity-thirteen miles to get it back. Now he has returned to wreak havoc upon some undefined evil that he is supposedly fighting. And he writes and plays RPGs.

Technically I began RPG gaming with Mechwarrior 2nd Edition and WEG Star Wars in the 90s, but my transition from wargames like Battletech to actual RPGs really didn't happen until DND 3E. In 2003 I began writing for the Living Arcanis campaign, which led to writing sourcebooks for Arcanis (including the Origins award winning Codex Arcanis, 2nd Edition), Witch Hunter, and Exodus.

In the last several years I've been running more independent games such as Dread and Houses of the Blooded, while regularly serving as a judge for the Witch Hunter: Dark Providence and Chronicles of the Shattered Empires living campaigns. but now I'm planning a big Pathfinder campaign set in a world of my design. Oh Pathfinder. Your high production values and tweaking of game imbalances may be the siren song I need to get me to run DND again.


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