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Story-telling since '85,
playing RPGs since '90.
Married the two in 2001

Story-telling style: neo-noir

Basic World of Darkness character creation

1)Flesh out at least three flaws, fears, superstitions, problems, compulsions and/or dramatic needs the character has.

2)Flesh out roughly the same amount of desires and/or goals that character currently has.

3)What kind of work history does the character have including education and what is their current occupation (Masquerade, Requiem etc. As needed)

4)Wait, stop! Now, rationalizes all of the above...

5)How old is this character? (age and year of embrace for example)

6)Flesh out at least one hobby.

7)Figure out where the character was raised, their native culture & if they are male or female.

8)List love interests, siblings, children, friends, rivals up to at least seven and flesh them out as needed by your story-teller.

9)What is the character's current living arrangement?

10)Imagaine the character nude. (AHHH god, why are most of my characters dudes?! T.T) Now list all of the character's distinguishing feature. Take this time to also flesh out the character's appearance, height, weight & grooming habbits.

11)List everything the character would commonly wear and carry up to 15lbs (Yeah, your S.W.A.T. character might have 50lbs or more of gear, but it'd be a bit odd if he was going on a date with his girl in full riot gear... with the shield of course.)

12)What's the character's name? If you already named this character you fucked up, start back at 1... what, it's the World of Darkness you didn't think this would be easy did you? j/k

13)Lastly, how will this character die?

Flesh out other things you know about your character. Now, try your best to logically distribute points across the character mechanical character sheet. If you epic fail at logic, have your story-teller help you.


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