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I started playing and DMing D&D in the late 1970s and played with a great group for 5 or 6 years. Quite a while later I worked at a couple of alternative schools and DMed for kids who wanted to play. After another lapse of some years my daughter joined in with her friends and unbelievably she convinced my wife to try our 'crazy game'. She's been hooked ever since. Another long time lapse and about 3 years ago I invited a bunch of people to a whole day game session for my birthday. I had a bunch of pre-gen characters and people dropped in and out throughout the day as characters came and went. It grew into a 3.5/Pathfinder/Homebrew campaign set in the Known World of Mystara, initiated from the famous B!0 Night's Dark Terror module. My daughter, some of her friends, my nephew and his friends, and my brother and wife all play monthly sessions. It's been great.

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