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Hi, I am not Bob, But I like playing D&D,

So I come from a very chaotic Gypsy past. Military Dad and a Mom who just likes to move (hurricanes also influence result) has adjusted me to my 28th residential change this last summer. I am presently new to Miami, I am a full time student at FIU and I work part time at UPS (meaning, I am a sleep deprived individual). Sometimes I am misnamed as narcoleptic because I have fallen asleep while driving, playing D&D (acting DM even!), eating, taking an exam or during lecture, etc. The sleep episodes are perfectly normal, thus have been termed as Micro Sleep. Recent Studies have indicated that the brain in a way keeps track of hours of sleep attained and compares them to hours of sleep required for continued cognitive operations and when the numbers disagree the mind essentially shuts off. During this time of locomotive inactivity the mind almost dives into a form of REM sleep. But! The important part for any reader to know is that the Micro Sleep is just that, it will end shortly after beginning. =)

Recently started attending an Episcopalian Parish, which is a very big change from a Baptist Church (we DRINK during service!!!). I serve as a new Acolyte and youth leader.

Since moving to Miami, I have learned about Colata (Tiny cups of Cuban Coffee), Croquetas (Cuban Meat Stuff), and Coqueto (Cuban Drink: Eggnogg, coconut, and RUM). At this time I feel it necessary to add that I am 95% Gringo, other 5%...

Also, I strongly dislike Dwarfs, then Halflings, followed by Gnomes... No offense intended if you play any of the races listed above. Just know I won't kill you or harm you, I just may not save you either.

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