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I've been playing RPG's since 1978. Started with DnD, then graduated to ADnD. Played that for several years, during which I was also introduced to Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Traveler, Top Secret, and MechWarrior. When 2nd Ed. DnD came out, I played that for a time, but then created a hybrid RPG system based on RuneQuest with lots of house rules that fit my play style. Other games I have played are Boot Hill, Aces & Eights, Star Trek RPG, Twilight 2000, and Marvel Superheroes. One of my favorite RPG's has always been Call of Cthulhu, and I used to run several scenarios and campaigns with that system.

Most of my RPG time has been as a DM, which I prefer to do... but will also play if I can find a group that takes RPG'ing seriously (as in, not "social gathering" sessions). I prefer a game type that runs roughly 75% role-play, 25% combat, with heavy emphasis on story arc, content, and character development. My preferred atmosphere of game is low / dark fantasy with few magic items and a more realistic dark world.

Would be definitely interested in finding Aces & Eights, Call of Cthulhu, DnD (preferably pre 3.x edition), and RuneQuest campaigns.

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