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Days and Months

Days of the week are as follows:
Sunday, Mansday, Marksday, Wainsday, Cooksday, and Kingsday.
There is only 6 days in a week, and in one year there are 60 weeks.
there are 5 days a week which are special, and not included as a weekday, called holydays which relate to the change of seasons in a year.

They are First-Winter, Winters-Break, Summers-day, High-Summer and Leaf-Fall.
The months of the year are similar in name to the Gregorian calendar. Their names are:

Jonaver, Frayaver, Winters-Break, Marches, Aprel, Summers-day, Mayven, Jelost, High-Summer, Septander, Octander, Leaf-Fall, Novander, Disander, First-Winter, Grimost and Noctaver.
(Note that "Septander" is equivalent to July, and the following three months are similarly two months behind their Gregorian equivalents.)
Finally the years.
Years are counted in the traditional manner of counting up from an event in the past, and the current year is 1523cc. (cc stands for 'Common Calendar'.)
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