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Harold Dently

Appearance: He keeps his head shaved but has a dark brown beard across his chin. He wears a long white overcoat with a collar buttoned high up his neck.

Personality: He has an annoying habit of pointing at the person he is talking to, as if he were commanding them to speak. Harold is very serious at all times. He never jokes, and his stoic nature makes it very difficult to determine what if any emotions he feels for a subject.

Motivation: Despite what is conveyed by his cold and emotionless demeanor, he is motivated by a great desire to protect mankind.

Background: Harold Dentley was a pioneer in business who had amassed a tremendous fortune in the financial sector before the Fall. He was recruited into Firewall many years ago in a more administrative role and deals with several teams of Sentinels all the time. More of his background has not yet been shared with the team.

Interactions with players:
Prologue - Harold presented the team with the simulation mission that he wanted them to experience. He said it is meant as a team building exercise for them, and to give him a chance to measure their abilities to work together.
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