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After Alice Left Wonderland

After Alice Left Wonderland

The books recording Alice's adventures do not tell the whole tale, and who can blame them? They record only the highlights of her journeys, glossing over the minor events and seemingly inconsequential conversations she had with the less interesting people of the land. However these less 'important' encounters had a marked effect on Wonderland. Alice's tales of her world inspired the denizens of Wonderland and great leaps were made in technology, social, and almost every other aspect of life. Three cities sprung up, named after the three Victorian virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity, ruled by the Red Queen, Queen of Hearts and the White King, respectively. Some time long after Alice left Wonderland, changes started occurring in that magical realm, and not for the better.

The King of Hearts withdrew from public life and his partner, the Queen of Hearts, became even more heartless and her realm became a darker place. Soldier cards patrol the roads and visit towns to tax the people. Beheadings are ordered and, unlike in more peaceful times, carried out.

Both the Red and White Kings were no longer seen. Stories were spread that the White King had died, slain by a traitorous attack by Rosewood. Other tales told that the sleeping Red King, whose dreams were so important, has been taken to a place of safety as assassins of Whitefield were seeking him. The Red Queen seizing her chance rallied the once defeated forces of Rosewood and attacked Whitefield. Taken by surprise the white forces had no time to react and with the inept leadership of the White Queen soon fell to the attack. Technically the two houses are now at peace with the House of Rosewood in supremacy, however there are still hostilities albeit little direct combat with both sides using terrorism and guerilla combat.

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