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Being a GM is like cooking.

I was thinking today about GM-ing styles.

To me, being a GM is like baking or cooking for a group of people. You look at the book and try out a recipe. You see if it works out for your tastes. Sometimes a bit more of this or that is subtracted or added until it seems 'just right.' You decide to share it with some folks you hope will appreciate it.

There are a million rules in these books, like a million recipes out there. We all sit down for a "meal." The cook presents the meal, and inevitably, some will really enjoy the meal, some will think it was too salty, some too bland... etc, but ultimately, one can still enjoy the company and smile.

Bring some food you love! And share it!

When a GM or player does their homework it is like enjoying a delicious dish. It is savored!

Games are like a pot luck. Perhaps the GM or host provides the main dish, but the group as a whole makes it a meal.

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