A town of 1200 or so which sits near mouth of the Yondabakari at Lake Syrantula near the Fenwall Mountains. It lies as the near center-point between Korvosa and Magnimar, and as such, although not all that populous, has become a place where a thriving market has arisen with trade passing through on both road and by lake/river.; where goods are exchanged from east and west, and where diversity is welcomed. The town is composed primarily of humans and gnomes.

The Dry Way from the south wanders through a residential neighborhood before opening up into a large central market, filled with stalls and shops. The market opens around 9am and runs until near sundown.

In the center of the marketplace is The Stump, a large stump (10' diamater, 6' tall) of what was once a huge tree, cut down long ago. All around it are posted various notes and pictures.

Quaint residences of white-washed wood, and occasionally white stone, fill the town. Well-trimmed bushes line the roads and fill yards. Wooden chimes hang from the eaves of most dwelling, and whistle in the breeze, producing haunting melodies in the night winds off the lake. This nightly music tends to put off most non-gnome visitors. Residents are used to outsiders.

Whistledown is renowned for the production of musical instruments of all kinds, especially woodwinds. Some consider instruments crafted in Whistledown to be the finest in all Varisia.
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