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Argos is one of the Hyborian kingdoms that rose out of the ashes of Acheron when it fell 3,000 years ago. Situated on a coastline with natural sea-ports, unlike Shemites, the people of Argos have become master sailors, crafty pirates and powerful merchants. Argos is a small nation with a population of just over seven million people.

Argos is an interesting land for a Hyborian kingdom. It is wonderfully varied. The sea-ports are cosmopolitan and liberal. In contrast, the inland provinces of Argos are peopled with more traditional, conservative farmers, craftsmen and
labourers. The roads of Argos, lined with trees, fields and villages, are generally peaceful and the inland folk are friendly toward strangers. Nearly every village has an inn for travelers, most of whom are making their way to Messantia or one of
the other port cities, or are making their way toward Zingara, Ophir or Aquilonia laden with trade-goods.

With a command of the sea and the trade-routes, Argos has become a wealthy kingdom. It is wealthy enough to be able to raise armies for war or to hire assassins, spies and diplomats for its own brand of intrigue and subterfuge involving the other kingdoms.
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