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Campaign Introduction

Introduction to Rise of the Runelords

Varisia is in the northern section of the Inner Sea Realm. Here, humanity has grown steadily over the years, with the capitals of Magnimar, Korvosa, Kaer Maga, Janderhoff, and Riddleport. Recently, a town know as Sandpoint is to have their Swallowtail Fesitval here soon, to honor the goddess, Desna. Who would have guessed that things would take a turn for the worst?

Join us our adventure through Varisia, and the troubles it faces!

*DISCLAIMER* Most of the artwork and almost all of the story is provided by other sources. Rise of the Runelords artwork is all Paizo material or fan-created. If I actually craft an image, I will note in in the article's information. I do not claim ownership to any of Paizo's materials regarding the Adventure Path characters or information. Paizo recognizes and exercises the OGL. *END DISCLAIMER*
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