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Da Rules and da Sources

Allowed Source material

These are the sources available for this campaign.
  • Core Rulebook
  • *Leveling Rate: Fast
    *No evil alignment for PCs
    *Encumbrance will be follows as best as possible for items. If the weight of an item is unknown, the DM will assign a reasonable weight for the item.
    *Armor Check Penalties will be in effect
    *All feats, spells, and gear is available.
  • Advanced Player's Guide
  • *All archetypes in allowed sources available.
    *Gunslingers: Emerging Era, firearms will resolve their attack against touch AC within the first half of the range increment.
    (I.E muskets within 20ft, instead of 40ft.)
    *Racial Favored Classes are available.
    *Alternate Racial Traits are available.
    *All Feats, spells, and gear are available, except those dealing with hero points.
  • Advanced Race Guide
  • *Core and Featured races available.
    *Uncommon races available are: Kitsune, Suli, and Vanara.
  • Ultimate Magic
  • *All archetypes are available.
    *At the current time, Mastering Magic and Words of Power mechanics are not used. Familiars, however, from this section, are available.
    *All spells are currently available.
  • Ultimate Combat
  • All archetypes are available.
    All feats and spells are available.
    Mastering Combat
    Eastern: Yes
    Firearms: Yes, Emerging Guns era.
    Gladiator Weapons: Yes
    Primitive Weapons: No
    Duels: No
    Performance Combat: Sure?
    Siege Engines: No
    Vehicle mechanics will only be used when appropriate.
    Called shots are available.
  • Ultimate Equipment
  • Materials for Weapons and Armor: Not every material will be available in small towns like Sandpoint. You may have to go out and retrieve the materials needed for the crafting of the armor, or travel to a larger city to find blacksmiths who have those materials on hand.
    All magical enchantments are available, provided they are listed from the sources for this campaign.
  • Ultimate Campaign
  • Background generation and trait system will be used. Story feats will not be used.
    You should have 3 traits and 1 drawback. You cannot have more than one trait in one category of traits.
    Downtime mechanics will be used.
    Campaign systems will variant in their use, depending on the section.
    Kingdoms and War section will not be used.
    The listed Campaign Settings and Player Companions listed as sources will have full access.
  • Seekers of Secrets
  • Magical Marketplace
  • Rise of the Runelords Adventure Paths 1-6
  • Inner Sea World Guide
  • Inner Sea World Primer
  • Pathfinder Unchained - added 4/29/15
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