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The Ancient Book Quests

Here is an overview of how the book quests function. Normally, in the Ancient Library, these books would merely crumble to dust if taken outside of the room. These books, however, do not (mainly because that would nullify all the fun I'm having creating these).

These book quests are intended for one person and one person only; you cannot trade books. These were completely designed either of inspiration of your character's interests, or even player interests that worked well with your character.

Valtyra: Arming the Armies: Hand Cannons
Dov: Evocation – Maximizing your Chances
Philip: Tome of the Transmuter
Reiner: Weapons of Lore: Chiulin Greatsword
Vincent: The Mastery of the Mozato
Nevik: Tenacious Toxins: Delivering the Gift
Yama: Deftly Delivered Daggers
Naolexa: Arcane Arts: Molding the Flame

These books will grant you a boon upon completion, and thus have a rather high DC. This is intended to replicate the amount of research or study on the topic eventually granting you the reward. For every day (8hrs) you spend studying the topic, you gain a +1 competence bonus to the respective check needed for your quest. There is no cap to this bonus, but it does reduce by 5 for every 7 consecutive days not spent studying the book (you need to keep the topic fresh on the mind).
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