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The world of Aldion has every class listed in the player's handbook, but have different backgrounds given magic's recent arrival to the plane.

Nonmagical classes (some fighters, rogues, barbarians) have no flavor changes, but are in high demand as adventurers. Some employers see them as more reliable and less influenced by The Arrival.

The force that imbues their songs with magic stems from Vallinde, a continent in the Feywild where floating harps create harmony everlasting. Bards in this setting were either born near a rift that leads to Vallinde, were taught by a denizen to the plane (ie, an elf or another creature), or another bard.

Servants of the divine have been hand-picked to serve individual domains. Clerics are an incredibly rare sight - there are about tweleve clerics for each domain at any given time, and are generally spread across the known world to serve.

Like bards, their magic stems from the Feywild. However, druidic magic may also stem from various spirits of nature that have settled into untamed areas of wilderness.

These warriors draw their ki from a dormant pool of magical energy that exists within all beings. Several monastic orders have existed since before The Arrival, but only those who dedicate their minds, bodies and spirits to honing this energy can utilize it in the form of ki.

Divine crusaders are usually selected in a similar way to the way clerics find their paths. However, more obscure entities have been known to bestow their power onto the pious and militant.

Possess the ability to learn their nature-based magics from the same sources available to druids; however, the relative lack of complexity required by their spellcasting leaves room for a wider range of tutors.

Are basically a crapshoot in terms of demographics, except in two aspects. Firstly, sorcerers seem to generally come from other sorcerers, but some exceptions apply. Second, members of lower economic classes seem to gain sorcererous ability in higher proportion to highborn people in the same geographic region.

These pact-makers are suprisingly common in Aldion. Patrons are eager to have a finger of influence in the New World (as it's called by extraplanar entities), and mundane folk have been easily tempted by the promise of extrodinary power for seemingly small cost.

Only two institutions of magical learning exist in Aldion - one in Sidun, and one in Kelkenheim. All other aspiring wizards have to rely on finding a proper teacher. Some elves have been known to take people back to the Feywild for instruction. Hags and genies have also been known to act as instructors, but the former usually expects payment in the form of memories and the latter tends to teach people incorrectly just because they think it's funny.
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