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The F.I.A., by @kaachiiin on Twitter

From left to right:

Zari Misza
Tiefling cleric of Kilel. She is a devotee of the church of Yalba, retainer to princess Raha al-Kharii of Janav and bane of undead creatures.

Thane Illamin
Changeling storm sorcerer and djinn warlock. He fights with the fury of lightning and thunder, prefers deceit as a strategy, and is an aspiring deity.

Dragonborn bard and paladin of Gavriel. She is a prodigious performer, a ferocious combatant, and a huge fan of percussion instruments. Has a soft spot for children.

Wykeera Greenbough
Halfling druid of the circle of dreams. She uses healing magic to support her allies, seems to have gotten in the middle of a feud between the seelie and unseelie courts of the fey, and may or may not be a descendant of ancient Zeharian royalty.

Hagar Keynes
Human barbarian and sweetest boy you've ever met. He loves to ask people about their sex lives, make friends with squirrels and make friends in high places. He is the disowned heir of a dukedom in Attessal.

Hagar after receiving his Jade Dragon tattoos from Bana-Kye in 77 PA.
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