"The whispers of the dead will drown the world, and all will end."

War is no stranger to Ellada.

It is said that long ago the First Gods shaped the heavens, creating the various realms for reasons unknown. The dwarves suggest it was to hide away their most precious treasures lest outsiders come and steal them away. The elves tell that the First did this to protect themselves from some powerful outside threat. The halflings say it was their eternal desire to find something new that they created the infinite planes, so that even they might be surprised now and again. The orcs claim it was to bring order to chaos, to correct the mistakes of the chaotic Ones That Came Before. If there is one thing the races have in common, it is a lack of trust for outsiders.

Most of the various civilized nations of Ellada rose up from each of the most powerful races across the lands: dwarves, halflings, elves, orcs. For countless centuries these nations existed along, points of light in the dark dangerous world. Eventually they discovered one another. And war followed.

Lands were claimed, lost, and reclaimed. Lives were lost beyond counting. Eventually a tumultuous peace followed, and for a time the world was quiet.

And then the Green Dusk came one evening, erupting from the northern woods of Mesaia and enveloping the entire world. This strange fire did not burn away flesh and root as do most, instead it burned away magic, leaving the world a very different place. And then it was gone. For half a century the world was without magic, and civilization very nearly fell. Nations bickered and warred with one another. The world nearly ended. Magic returned after some years, slowly at first, but surely. 100 years later and it was back, stronger than ever, though thousands of miles of land were forever cut off, cursed with broken magic.

And then the Orange Dawn came, a second flash of light and heat that swept across the planet as the first did, but this time it brought new life to Ellada. A large swath of land was changed overnight, and from it came the Fey, mysterious beings from another world who would speak not of where they came. With them came peace, for they could not stand to see their new home in such a state. New as they were, they stood up not as rulers, but as leaders, guiding the world to a peaceful place. Though this peace is uneasy, it is peace, and so far this uneasy peace

And now the Final Darkness has come, first blotting out the sun for weeks, the moons even refusing to rise. The dead rise from their graves, spreading their filth across the land like a blight. It is unknown if the Warlord is responsible for this blight, but if it is not stopped, there will be no world left. The dead kill and eat the living, the victims returning as more flesh-hungry undead. For the first time in history the nations of Ellada have united under one cause at the suggestion of the Fey. A final battle will soon be underway, with members of every nation on the planet fighting to the death to save the world.

Will you be there to help save it, or will you cause her destruction? The time is nigh for you to show your true colours, for the biggest threat to face Ellada is rising.

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